Mr. Trump…

I cannot put “President” before your name, because you’re not my president…and from your actions since taking over the White House, you’re not the people’s president either.

My mother taught me to respect all people…including the fools among us…hence, the “Mr.” Trump…You are a classic “social” anti-social…you seek to lay waste to all that is good and just in the United States from the highest seat in the nation affecting other parts of the world, under the guise of “Making America Great, Again.”

We will examine that phrase in more depth at another time…but for now, your task at “making greatness” has been nothing more than promoting more divisiveness, chaos and oppression…

The greatness of America lays in her meaning…Yes, the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, is a woman, a beacon of freedom for those seeking sanctuary and a new life of liberty, along with the pursuit of happiness, in her land…such is your respect for women!

Lest you’ve forgotten, you are the product of immigrants…your wife is an immigrant…in your latest order to ban Muslim immigrants into the country, and your assaults on other immigrants, you are also hurling insults at the memory of your parents, and slapping your wife in the face!

Ignoring your own history as an immigrant, much like Adolf Hitler held blond and blue-eyed to be the “superior in race,” as he himself was brown-eyed, brown hair…to his own admission in description of superior… he was”inferior.”

The indigenous people of the United States of America are Native Americans…Not White Supremacists…perhaps that is why you can so callously sign the halted Dakota Access Pipeline back into play, ignoring the repercussions to health, welfare, tribal customs and environment devastation…just to make a few extra bucks.  The few thousand jobs created short-term are not worth the massive destruction you’ve endorsed…

You do not represent “we the people”… You do not represent the dream of the Founding Fathers… You do not represent the Constitution of the United States…You are not representative of what the dreams and ideals of America stand for…

Your actions, your words, your thoughts, your deeds…are everything that America is not.  Your “style guide” is not a book recommended for anyone’s read or instruction.  Accepting you would make you my accepted style guide…and I don’t accept you… You have no heart…no soul…

ISIS cuts off heads…You, Mr. Trump…you cut out hearts….

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”

The Women’s March…


The Women’s March on Washington DC, took place on Saturday, January 21, 2017….It was such an incredible moment in time! The energy was phenomenal, and the unity was undeniable.20170121_111413-1

The diversity of America was well represented in the sea of 500,000 plus women and families who showed up filling the Great Mall and beyond, to give voice to and protect the liberties and hard fought for human, women, and civil rights which have shaped America as a nation of freedom around the globe!

New friendships were formed in revisiting the sacrifices made for independence, freedom of speech, and the right to dream, in a country guided by a Constitution that defines and celebrates its guarantee and means to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

The bittersweet realization of this March was to bring home the meaning of America to a changing of the guard in the White House who have lost their prospective on what America is really all about…

The Women’s March was just the beginning…

I’m humbled to have been a small part in maintaining the legacy of freedom and equality…which is the formation and the great promise…of America.




Business As Usual? Not Today!

As each new day comes and goes…a feeling grows and grows…

Today, January 11th, was an unusual day for me…a day of many calls…The energy of anxiety is here, and it’s growing! So many people have taken a backseat to everything believing that all things will resume in business as usual…No…No…never again! Those who feel the unrest within, can’t put their finger on it, yet they know something is in the air…things are out of sorts.

Some people called me two and three times when we did not first connect…Some I spoke and listened to for over an hour…maybe longer.  Some will wait until tomorrow…

Life will never be the same! Get ready for a ride wilder than Mr. Toad’s!

For those of you who know and see and feel it in your gut…Be the beacon and shine a light in the darkness that seeks to extinguish all that is good and just in the world…and within each and every one of us! Protect the pure in heart…the meek…the helpless…the most vulnerable among us… Uplift the weary…guide the lost… Embrace and reassure. For this is why you were chosen…What is in your heart is known.

Business as usual? Not today! Your days will always be full…

These are the times…Your time has arrived…..


Year One…Day 10… Equals…Day One….


Again…we are back to the beginning…

What can heal us in these turbulent and troubling times ahead? More chaos and dissention is definitely not the answer… What makes division so attractive to the melodic tones of peace and tranquility?

Year One, day 10 equals Day One…another opportunity to set the world right! So much power in the palm of your hand…in the recesses of your heart…in the essence of your being!  If only our limited understanding could comprehend and embrace it with every atom that comprises our presence in this world… Will we ever? Can we see past our obstacles and cluttered vision to grasp with clarity?

Everyday in America, we can change the course of a stray bullet…an unkind word…or an entity filled with hatred…

We can soothe a hungry man, woman or child… with food to strengthen their hunger, physically as well as spiritually… We can shelter a homeless someone…with the warmth of a blanket in many forms… Nurture and embrace a motherless child…Walk a mile in someone’s shoes… to familiarize yourself of how fortunate you really are…once you can feel their burden and pain!

We are not lost in the wilderness…we are lost in illusions of our own making….

We know the key…Day One…Year One…Day 10 equals 1+0 = 1…Day One was the beginning…Day One God Created…His Day One began with…Love.

Begin again…with Love. Love transforms…Love creates miracles…Love is magic…When will you discover and understand? Love is not carnal…love is not a “feeling.”

Love is infinity…Love…is all there IS.

It is…the Alpha and the Omega…the source of all…the key to all creation…the answer to eternity…

Year One…Day One.


Year One…Day Seven…2017

Related image

Here we are…seven days into the new year of 2017…Year One…

What has changed? Another random shooting spree at an airport in Florida…A sixteen year old stabbed a relative yesterday… same headlines, different year. Have you changed? Notice anything different about anything?! Seven days…a new year…Really?!

Believe! Be the Change! Open your hearts! Believe! When you REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE CHANGE…you will change the energy of the world…and the world will change!

God made the world in six days…if you believe you are the change and become the change by bringing forth your light and depositing your “better” into everything that you say, think and do…you will see the positive changes…within seconds….every second, someone changes the world by committing desperate and mindless acts…you can change the world by a kind word…a smile… a commitment to be a better being… Seven days can make or obliterate a planet…You have 358 days to create a better tomorrow…Start now.

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Year One…Day One…2017

Image result for images of new beginnings

Here we are…Today we awakened to a brand new day and a brand new year.  What hopes and expectations will be realized?

2017…Year One…January 1st…Day One…carry over nothing…and begin anew.  The world can have a fresh beginning…you can have a fresh beginning…if you leave your baggage behind, and shed your old skin for your new “set of clothes.”

While you’re at it, give yourself a new attitude and a new agenda. Bathe yourself in spiritual truth and arm yourselves with clear and balanced emotions.  Clean up your clutter and clear the way for putting your contributions into motion toward constructing a future with promise!

2017 is presenting itself as an interactive new year…a year of “hands on” change. The shackles of yesteryear have no place in 2017, and the future this year will build.

What do you see? A better place for your children? A world which celebrates the gift of diversity? A whole and flourishing worldwide environment, healing from the  leaching of our planet? Humanity finally embracing peace and unity?

Year One…Day One, is the place to begin…. Resignation of yourself does not have a place in 2017.  What was, is not “now.” Remember…you hold the power of change…you have been given a New Year, to make a difference….the “old” has given way to the “new.” Every second is fluid and subject to change…

Be the change you would like to see in the world…Be the man or woman in the mirror…Realize the dream…Gandhi…Michael Jackson and Martin Luther King  left behind these seeds…2017 can be the soil in which they take hold…each and everyone of us can make it so!

2017…Year One…Day One…our time to build….


Goodbye 2016…What Now 2017?


2016…we hardly knew ya, now you’re just about gone! Let me see…what did we get from you? We got from you that death is really certain by the many incredibly talented and iconic personalities that left us in 2016…Beginning with David Bowie…and rounding out the end of the year with George Michael…Carrie Fisher…and a day later, her mom, Debbie Reynolds… Wow, Prince!!! Gene Wilder…Muhammad Ali…Gwen Ifil…and dozens more…

Losses of our own…My mom on March 17, 2016…a brother on December 16, 2016…

2016 gave us a genuine look at the cycle of life, and the realities of the world and the country in which we live… God Almighty, what will 2017 bring?! 2016 showed us that desperation opens the door to acceptance on many levels…especially casting all morals, values and spiritual growth out the window…accepting lies for truth…and truth for lies…and embracing the worst of humanity, if it will put food on the table…a roof over one’s head…and a job to go to…lambs going to slaughter is a better choice…than standing up for the right to be, on your own terms!

When will people realize that the ruby slippers on your feet will give you everything you need…if you will just trust the God in you, and understand the power in numbers! A “trump” card does not guarantee a winning hand!!!

You, and you alone…are the power and instrument of change…Imagine what can be accomplished with “like minds” working together in the preservation of humanity and our planet…if only common sense and God’s meaning of love could be distributed through a glass of water!

2016 is a year of endings…2016 is and was a year to look inward…2016 showed us all who and what we really, really are…don’t be afraid to step outside the box and be the change that will usher in our salvation as the  “human race,” and give us rights of passage to be here beyond 2017… This year of 2016 “revelation” doesn’t need to be our legacy….

Goodbye, 2016…

What now, 2017? Well…we will see what will be…because the aftermath of 2017, is up to you and me… We can start with love…learn the meaning of “unconditional,” couple it with love, and ignite a beginning that will knock down the walls of Jericho!!!

Happy New Year! May 2017 give us all the courage to be heard…forces to be reckoned with…and the understanding of our power to change the world in which we now live to reflect the best of ourselves….

imagesqkmpxjyi           happy-new-year-written-sparkle-firework-80084318.jpg

Christmas Day 2016

66c47509a4fae6606a1fba5fa438a878Christmas Day 2016 will be unlike any other…Today is a day to focus in on the true meaning of Christmas, and make it a part of your daily living from this day forward.

God’s Promise to Mankind was kept over 2000 years ago, to deliver a Savior…A Savior who came into the world to bring forth a miraculous way of living that would transform any obstacle…in the blink of an eye!  That “way” is love.  In His many demonstrations, this savior ultimately  delivered the belief His Father had in the salvation of mankind, by laying down His life for our gift of everlasting life…

Each Christmas that we are here to celebrate the great sacrifice of “The Lamb of God,”  we are enabled to carry forth this beautiful, selfless legacy by loving one another, as He so loved us, by giving love in words, thoughts and deeds, with deep commitment and reverence to Him…in selfless abandon.

We must never forget the true meaning of Christmas…examine your day today and ask yourself, “Did I give this Christmas in such a way, that I truly changed a life in giving love selflessly, without thought as to what I would get in return?”

Love without a price tag is a miracle within itself. Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas is a transformation of life itself!

Christmas Day 2016, is the last Christmas to show God’s love for us in the way you show your love for others…Have ears to hear and eyes to see…Rejoice…Behold…Be Love…Renew in this miracle…in this time…in this moment! Lift up the day that Christ was born…Give the selfless gift of love…..

Image result for religious christmas pictures












To Bear Witness …

2C78D09200000578-3243393-image-a-90_1442847432349 Come one…come all, Little Children…and bear witness to the final countdown of the last days…

The end of hope for a nation and a world of all men living the dream of equality. Be not afraid, for this demise will bring forth a new beginning and a new understanding of all things… It is the dawning of a new tomorrow…

Behold the “Second Fall of Man” through man’s inhumanity to man.  ISIS cuts off heads…our justice system cuts out hearts. There is no lesser of the two atrocities…save for the apathy of the ages…it is the shroud which cloaks our hearts and souls, and renders us stone cold to the suffering around us…and the suffering we create…

Come, Little Children… Bear witness…take up your cross…and shoulder the burden of injustice and despair that Mankind continues to pour upon one another….

“Baby Bella” is dead… The songs , the flowers, and the “after-anger” is not going to bring her back.  The most tragic truth of this entire occurrence is that Baby Bella did not have to die!

Discovered in a plastic bag washed ashore on Deer Island in Boston Harbor, in June of this year…Despite an artist’s portrait displayed everywhere in an attempt to identify her and have someone come forward to claim her, she laid for three months, without the slightest regard of her missing from somewhere…from someone.  No calls…no police reports…no missing reports… How could someone so fragile be so unloved and held with such horrific disregard? For three months she was not “Baby Bella”, she was “Baby Doe.”

Who killed Baby Bella? Everyone did…yes, all of us!

Perhaps for the record, it was Michael McCarthy and Rachelle Bond…However, we all know that everyone failed Baby Bella.  Everyone. Those around her failed her directly.  Those not around her failed her indirectly.  Failure indirectly is anytime you witness anyone in a harmful or potentially harmful situation, and you do nothing…you contribute not only to that person’s (or persons) inevitable harm, but every person that is not in your range, because you condone the act before you, by doing nothing!

It is especially egregious when facts are known, and nothing is done about it.  Every time a child dies from abuse, neglect or abandonment, we are held accountable…no matter how much we try to make excuses, or wash away the guilt.

All the afterthoughts, gestures, and cries of horror and disgust will never erase the truth of this travesty from our hearts or our minds…or ever cleanse the guilt from the souls of us who know…those of us who know and have witnessed those who turn away…those who turn their backs…every time we say, “It’s none of my business,” “I’m not getting involved,” “I’m staying out of it,” “It is what it is,” “That’s too bad,” “I am only concerned with my life.” You know the words and the non-action of “apathy,” they have been visited by everyone…over and over again…time after time!

Baby Bella is dead because no one stood vigilant.  No one took action to save her.  No one cared…and no one cared enough.

The road to absolution is travelled in standing up…speaking out…and taking action…for every human being. Color doesn’t matter…Age doesn’t matter…Creed doesn’t matter…Race doesn’t matter…Religion doesn’t matter…Gender identity or preference doesn’t matter…all prejudices, bias, and derogatory thoughts have no place here! We must understand that our being here on this planet was conceived by an act of Love by One greater than we would like to imagine we are!

The judgments we have made will be done unto us…the apathy we dispense, will be dispensed unto us…Bear witness…understand…bear witness.  A human being in distress…that’s all one needs to behold.

Be ever vigilant and watchful…Baby Bella’s needless and untimely death will not have been in vain, if you are vigilant and committed to the gift of life going on around you.  Own up to it.  Accept accountability. Vow never to let it happen again…to anyone!

Songs…flowers…blame…excuses for non-action…this is not the way to Absolution…Stand up. Speak out. Take action.  Baby Bella can be anyone of us…at any given moment!

Bear Witness…Honor Baby Bella’s short visit too this world and remember…Stand up. Speak out. Take action.  The course and the eventual fate of all humanity is in our hands….

“Do the right thing.  It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain

Easter…He Is Risen…Have You?

 untitled (2)

Easter Sunday has finally arrived…He is Risen! Jesus has fulfilled his destiny.  The Father and Son have made good on their words and promise of everlasting life! The question now is, have you risen?

Have you risen above and beyond the temptations that day in and day out, take away from the path of higher consciousness and enlightenment? How many times will you say, “Next time…next year…I have time.” Next time and next year, come and go in the blink of an eye!

Another Easter Sunday dawns and passes…again and again, until there will be no more time to rise to the occasion of everlasting life!

Take a moment now to just reflect and ponder your life…Do you like what you see…do you like what you have become?imagesDF7NVOMC

Everyday is a new day…and every new day gives one the chance to be closer to becoming enlightened and renewed in spirit in order to attain everlasting life…The Risen Christ has given you a guarantee….It is only an assurance if you accept the journey.  God will not be mocked.  Make no assumptions about your passage…It is an act of love and a passage of faith…Be in this world…not of it.

Have you risen? You may believe you have…only God…and time, will tell….

May the peace and wisdom of God’s Grace be yours today…and everyday.


He Is Risen….


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