A Reflection On Independence Day…July 4, 2015

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One Nation, under God…

You have taken away the meaning of life…

Life…liberty and the pursuit of happiness is no longer a freedom, once insured by the Constitution of the United States. Our Constitution has gone beyond the shredder to being used as toilet paper. We are truly a Nation in chaos…

ISIS cuts off heads…our Justice System cuts out hearts. There is no lesser of the two atrocities. They have both gone beyond the realm of evil.

Ordinary people with ordinary lives have become collateral damage to a runaway system of broken people with horrendous self-interests over and above our self-interests…which is simply, to live.

People who just want their “peace” of “life…liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I have fallen down in my duties as an American because my country has abandoned its duties in upholding the laws that allege to protect me and my rights…as an American. From what I have witnessed, it is a shared state of being in many Americans across the nation.

I would not call it “anarchy,” I would call it disappointment, distress, and loss of hope. When people totally disregard the election process in mass absenteeism, anarchy will result.

Looking back in reflection of the past several months since the New Year began, we have witnessed and shared a tremendous and horrific loss of life in our country due to factions resurfacing in the forms of prejudice, racism and discrimination.

Why should ANYONE awaken and walk in fear of their lives, “in the land of the free…and the home of the brave?” Show me the bravery in the constant denial of equal rights and equal justice…for all men, women and children…regardless of their race, color, creed or national origin.

Who are we? What has happened to a once courageous nation where lives were given without pause to preserve and guarantee the right of EVERY American to life…liberty…and the pursuit of happiness?!

On this day of American Independence celebrated for the 239th time since 1776, where are we as a nation in solidarity and unity? if we cannot overcome racism, prejudice, and discrimination to celebrate the beautiful tapestry of diversity which composes and intertwines the best of America in such rich and textured cultures of heritage, we are doomed to extinction at our own hand.

Independence Day…July 4, 2015. Look into your hearts, then look into a troubled nation…what can each one of us contribute to ensure our country celebrates our 240th year of Independence, 2016?

Reflect as if your life depended on it!

News flash… Your life and the next generation…and the generation after that…are your accountability and responsibility….

Happy 4th of July, 2015!

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July 2015
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