Every Four Years…A Day of Magic!

Every Four Years…A Day of Magic! Special things happen on February 29…Especially those born on February 29….Imagine having a birthday every four years….The magic of aging officially happens every four years! Imagine, when your 100th birthday rolls around, you’ll really be 25!

February 29th also gives ladies the opportunity to propose to that special guy….or wait another four years to see if he proposes…. Go ahead, ladies, don’t be shy!  Or the magic just may be, time to move on and let some new magic begin!

Every Four Years…A Day of Magic! While February 29th is unique in making an appearance every four years, use this day to make a promise to yourself… Make February 29, 2020, a day of magic in reaching a goal, or several goals by February 29, 2024… Start a career…end a career…start a degree…end a degree…write a chapter…finish a book…make yourself over…begin again, fresh and new…appreciate how far you’ve come…relish the discoveries still ahead…There really is magic in this day! Make it your magic…make it your birthday…leap into it!  It is Leap Year after all…

Every Four Years…A Day of Magic! Any day that waits four years to arrive is indeed, MAGIC…especially when it involves “balance.”

Make a wish….



We Wait…And We Wonder…

We Wait…And We Wonder…

What will tomorrow bring? While tomorrow is not a promise, it would be nice to have a day free from the drama of madness…everyone else’s madness…because your own is enough.

We Wait…and We Wonder…

Why must we weather the complications of life created by others…Life is simplicity…it is those around us who choose to manufacture complications…Complications that interfere with our own…

We Wait…and We Wonder…

Living in a country that is purported to be the best in the world…yet, the unimaginable has happened…it is no longer a democracy but a dictatorship…and in 21st Century America…it is accepted!

We Wait…and We Wonder…

While viewing oppression and wars around the world…Why can’t we as people be kind…compassionate…loving…forgiving…Why can’t we just “be” without inflicting harm upon others…upon our planet? Life doesn’t have to be so hard…Life CAN be Peace…

We Wait…and We Wonder…

When will the realization come that life really is what you make it…Suffering can be a thing of the past…if hate wasn’t so embraced…revered…practiced…worshipped…

Diversity is what makes the world so full of beauty…and incredibly beautiful!

We are the architects of the Future…We can create…shape…and mold a better world…a world that has the opportunity to be a reflection of the best of ourselves…the gift of free-will has become a curse of ruin for many…Can the few stop what’s inevitable?

Can we save our souls…our children…our planet? Can we step away from ourselves long enough to realize this is bigger than us? “Self” was never the center of the Universe…Will we get “it” in time?

We Wait…And… We Wonder….

A View To A Kill…

via A View To A Kill…


A View To A Kill…

Watching the Democratic debate last night televised from Nevada, left me with many thoughts and concerns…However, it was decided as… A View To A Kill…

Why do these debates always result in character assassinations and party division? Our country is in the fight of it’s life against a demonic force in the White House, and instead of hearing from the candidates as to what they can do to rid us of the Evil and his Pachyderm Retrievers, we witness attack upon attack of each candidate, and things they did in the past regarding policies and actions that hurtfully affected groups of specific ethnicities, cultures and genders, which moving forward can be addressed as to what has been done and what can be continued to be done to make sure past mistakes will not be repeated…and those affected can be made whole again…someway, somehow, to keep the huge elephant in the room, the center of all attention…

What we the American people would like to hear, is how can we stop and remove this huge elephant and his Pachyderm party loyalists, and repair the damage visited upon us and our country, in the process…  We want to hear the plans and how they will be executed, to give us much needed insight into whom we should be backing to do the job of taking out the trash and disposing of it!

We want to hear why you are the best candidate.  We want to hear about your policies and how you can make them viable and deliverable…and how your policies and solutions rise above the rest without name calling and continual bashing of your opponents…without invoking ire from us, the voters!  We want to give our votes to the man or woman who can best do the job.  So far, all we have are candidates who have “fan base” followers, who are being baited to individuals running on a party ticket, not candidates who are running in unison to what Democrats stand for, while maintaining party unity! How can you encourage voters to vote Blue when these debates are dividing Democratic voters instead of uniting them in one cause: Get Trump and his Pachyderm Dump, out of the White House in 2020???!!!

I was at the debate in Manchester, New Hampshire on February 11, 2020.  There was much more civility between the candidates, and they put their points across without harsh character bashing and dehumanizing of those who made errors in judgment of policies and political “faux pas” in the course of their public service careers.

A “Debate” is not a blood feast…It’s a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting…where opposing arguments are put forward…how does character assassinations fit into the topic of how to rid our country of Dictator Trump?! And Dem Party division? Somehow these tactics don’t fit in…and should not be figured into the equation of choosing the best qualified candidate worthy to receive the majority of votes/delegates to be named the party nominee.

If we are treated to continuous debates of A View To A Kill…from now until November’s crucial election…save yourselves the trouble of convincing voters you are “the one” who can get the job done by removing the Joke presently destroying democracy and the American ideal of liberty and justice for all…because this “debate division” is going to be successful on one front, and one front only…handing the Clown and his cronies another four years perfecting their comedy of errors on the American people and the rest of the world.

Unify or die…Democrats….we are watching and waiting…we’re all in this together.

Show us “A View To A Kill” of our country’s present Pachyderm oppressors!!! Which one of you candidates will take the high road and UNIFY all Dems to victory???!!!

We are watching in wait….

That Was The Week That Was…

That Was The Week That Was…shocking and signaled the true beginning of the end of American democracy as we know it.  The Trump acquittal was a Twilight Zone moment…crazy-out-of-this-world madness!!! The first full week of February revealed the true character of Trump’s elephant party…Are we witnessing a resurgence of energy reminiscent of Hitler and his Nazi Party? Yes! “Never again” is here…Everyday in America…unfolding in this administration’s reign of terror.  Who would have ever imagined the fall of our nation in this manner….

Everything that has since followed that week, has been condoning lawlessness and total and complete ignorance of checks and balances within our democracy…Yes, democracy here in America is dead.

That Was The Week That Was…revealing to the rest of America, that if we the people don’t unify to remove this albatross hanging about all of our necks by voting them all out when the opportunities present themselves throughout the coming months leading up to the general election in November…America will definitely be the nation that was…

What makes people so willing to follow evil at the cost of losing their own souls in the process? The witnessing of this demonic energy is truly mind boggling! It is extremely incomprehensible…the mind and those with a moral compass cannot grasp the logic or the depth of it…because what it really comes down to is the good and evil which dwells within…and what we choose to cultivate between the two…and the choice of conscience or absence thereof, when destroying lives through the course of such actions.

Evil…pure evil…is not a myth.  At this moment it is alive and well and operating as a Dictator and his Elephant regime. Money…Power…The greater the power…the more dangerous the abuse. Another casualty has fallen victim to this disease…America.

That Was The Week That Was…is asking every American of moral compass and conscience…What are you prepared to do to take back and restore the ideal?  WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO?!

This, is the moment in time to address The Week That Was…by doing everything within and without the confines of heaven and earth, to remove and contain that which threatens the future of our nation…Ignorance and waiting are not options…history has shown us the results of those….Stalin…Mussolini…Hitler…Trump.

It’s No Hoax…Here Are More Jokes…Part Two…

It’s no Hoax…Here Are More Jokes…

Here we are again…with Part Two… Let’s begin with John Thune, Senator from South Dakota…His statement below will open the flood gates of “untouchability” to the American people… Yes, all people of America will inherit the privilege of being above the law, once Trump is acquitted by the Pachyderm Party…

Borrowing the last sentences of John Thune’s statement in the Clinton impeachment trial, and making the necessary changes deeming them applicable to the Trump impeachment, we all will hold these truths to be self-evident:

President Trump has committed federal crimes, and there must be a reckoning, or no American shall ever again be prosecuted for those same crimes.”

Here is the entire statement, and it is also the last statement on the page taking a close look at the double standards of these 14 senators who sat high on their pachyderm hunches while stating and quoting passages during the impeachment trial of President Clinton, from the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, while stressing the sanctity and importance of our judicial system and the rule of law, then…

“Our declaration of independence says it best. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’ In America there is no emperor, and there is no Praetorian guard. There is one standard of justice that applies equally to all, and to say or do otherwise will undermine the most sacred of all American ideals.

President Clinton has committed federal crimes, and there must be a reckoning, or no American shall ever again be prosecuted for those same crimes.”

One must wonder if their patriotic stance came to the forefront because Clinton was a Democratic president… Trump’s offenses are no contest in being high crimes and misdemeanors, yet, the Pachyderms have closed ranks and are vehement in their protection of the bull pachyderm in the room. Deeming Trump and their Party above any laws or procedures…

All of these senators are still senators in the Senate today, and have given full justification of the urgent need and enforcement of term limits in all branches of government.   The Senate should be limited to two (2) terms.  Our nation is suffering a breakdown of democratic process due to the lack of this crucially needed balance of power.  On with the jokes….

Chuck Grassley, Iowa

It is clear to me that the president committed serious crimes when he coached his secretary, Betty Currie, and when he misled his aides Sidney Blumenthal and John Podesta … These actions weren’t just outrageous and morally wrong. They were also illegal. They were a direct assault on the integrity of the judicial process.

  • Statement, 12 February 1999

Pat Roberts, Kansas

We in Kansas know that you don’t call witnesses in the middle of the night unless you want to sway them. The president did so. We in Kansas know that you don’t urge hiding legal evidence under the bed unless you want to affect the outcome of a legal proceeding. The president did so.

Do these actions rise to the level envisioned by our founding fathers in the constitution as ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ so warranting removal from office? Our constitution requires that the threshold for that judgment must be set by each senator sitting as a juror.

I believe an open-minded individual applying Kansas common sense would reach the conclusion that I reached.

  • Statement, 12 February 1999

Mike Crapo, Idaho

While most of the national attention has focused on the tawdriness of this matter, this intense fixation on sensationalism diverts attention from the true issues – the true issues related to abuse of the power of the presidency, perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

  • Statement, 20 December 1998

Tampering with the truth-seeking functions of the law undermines our justice system and the foundations on which our freedoms lie. All Americans must abide by the rule of law, including the president of the United States, who is the highest official in the land and who has the additional duty to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed.

  • Opinion article in the Idaho Falls Post Register, 21 February 1999

Mike Enzi, Wyoming

The president’s lawyers have argued that the president made these statements to refresh his recollection or to find out what Ms Currie knew in the event of a press avalanche. Neither of these explanations is plausible. It is impossible to refresh one’s recollection with false, leading questions. It is also impossible to find out what someone else knew if you tell them what they are supposed to believe.

The plausibility of either of these explanations is entirely discounted when you consider that the president called Betty Currie in a second time, on January 20, to ‘remind’ her of these statements.

The most likely explanation for these statements is far more sinister. That the president was intending to influence the testimony of a likely witness in a federal civil rights proceeding. President Clinton was in fact, trying to get Betty Currie to join him in his web of deception and obstruction of justice.

  • Statement entered into Senate record, 22 February 1999

Hey Mike, you mean like Trump got you and your Pachyderm Party to join him in his web of deception and obstruction of justice, by creating more lies and misdirection to the American people, while selling our country down the river of shame, and robbing us of all of health benefits, while cutting beneficial programs to the working class and poor? Social Security…Medicare… which we worked hard to achieve? Your loyalties are far more sinister…because they’re not to the United States of America…Oh, wait! You’ve driven a wedge of division between the country…your loyalties are self and Pachyderm serving….

James Inhofe, Oklahoma

Isn’t it true that [the federal law on witness tampering] criminalizes anyone who corruptly persuades or engages in misleading conduct with the intent to influence the testimony of any person in an official proceeding?

  • Question co-signed by Inhofe submitted in impeachment proceedings, 23 January 1999

Jimmy, you mean like your boss, Trump? Hmmm…there’s something gangster in all of this…

Richard Shelby, Alabama

Shelby said Clinton’s January 1998 meeting with Ms Currie, after returning from his own testimony in the Jones lawsuit, was a key factor in his decision to vote for conviction on the obstruction charge. House managers accused Clinton of using that meeting to try to influence Currie’s testimony.

‘That was a strong component,’ Shelby said. ‘But it’s not just one thing in the obstruction evidence. If you put it all together, I thought it was beyond a reasonable doubt.’

  • Associated Press report, 12 February 1999

Shelby…”The Pachyderm Party Sellout” is beyond a reasonable doubt…and beyond felonious conduct…Can you say, “Treasonous?”

Roy Blunt, Missouri

There is clear evidence that President Clinton committed perjury on two or more occasions, and urged others to obstruct justice. These are serious felonious acts that strike at the heart of our judicial system. Oaths taken in the American system of government are serious commitments to truth and the rule of law. Violating these oaths or causing others to impede the investigation into such acts are serious matters that meet the standard for impeachment.

Roy, Really??! Trump has done just that! The Pachyderms defense of his actions clearly show that all of your oaths taken in the American system of government aren’t serious commitments to truth and the rule of law. The pachyderms have violated their oaths and are welcoming your party and others to impede the investigation taking place in the Senate now that definitely meet the standard of impeachment and removal of Trump from office.  Serous felonious acts that strike at the heart of our judicial system by you and your Pachyderm constituents…

Richard Burr, North Carolina

I believe the facts presented by the judiciary committee prove beyond a reasonable doubt that President Clinton repeatedly lied to a grand jury and encouraged a witness before that grand jury to provide false information. The United States is a nation of laws, not men. And I do not believe we can ignore the facts or disregard the constitution so that the president can be placed above the law.

  • Statement, 19 December 1998

What did you say, Dick? The United States is a nation of laws, not men? And, you said, you do not believe we can ignore the facts or disregard the Constitution so that the  president can be placed above the law? You don’t believe that!! If you believed that, you would do the duty you so sanctimoniously put forth then, and do it where it is needed now, in casting a vote to remove Donald Trump.  Would you say you’re really a fraud and self-serving? Ummmm…Yes!

Jerry Moran, Kansas

It is clear that President Clinton on numerous occasions lied to a federal grand jury, lied in a civil proceeding affecting the civil rights of an American citizen, and orchestrated an attempt to obstruct justice.

… The untruthful actions of the president are not mere technical violations of federal law; rather, the president’s lies, obfuscation and overt acts to obstruct justice are serious and felonious, and they tear at the essential foundation of our judicial system.

Awwww, Jerry…You don’t care about the president’s lies, obfuscation and overt acts to obstruct justice…you certainly don’t believe they are serious and felonious, nor that they tear at the essential foundation of our judicial system, because you support a genuine destroyer of democracy in Trump, who clearly uses the Constitution to wipe his tush, with your undying loyalty and assistance!  Thanks for redefining democracy to the American people…

Rob Portman, Ohio

I believe the evidence of serious wrongdoing is simply too compelling to be swept aside. I am particularly troubled by the clear evidence of lying under oath in that it must be the bedrock of our judicial system.

I believe the long-term consequence to this country of not acting on these serious charges before us far outweigh the consequences of following what the constitution provides for and bringing this matter to trial in the United States Senate.

Rob…you are a true credit to our nation…NOT!!! Do you have mirrors in your home? You don’t seem to be particularly troubled by the clear evidence under oath for you and your Pachyderm Party…your actions have deemed the bedrock of our judicial system ineffective and fruitless…Yes, the long-term consequence to this country of not acting on these serious charges before your constituents and the American people do not outweigh the consequences to follow for not following the Constitution and how it provides for bringing the matter of Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors to trial in the United States Senate…the Pachyderm Party’s credibility is in the toilet.  That’s on you and the other elephants…Making Trump “untouchable” has given the American people a “get out of jail free” card….

Roger Wicker, Mississippi

[Allegations that Clinton urged Lewinsky to lie] would amount to a federal felony, and that would mean serious, serious problems for President Clinton.

  • Interview with the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, 23 January 1998

Poor Roger ‘IppissippIM’ a true federal felon, for acquitting “a clear and present danger(ous)” Dictator Donald Trump… for the American people and the world to witness Pachyderm “untouchability.” History will take note…and remember.

Last, but not least…

John Thune, South Dakota

Our declaration of independence says it best. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’ In America there is no emperor, and there is no Praetorian guard. There is one standard of justice that applies equally to all, and to say or do otherwise will undermine the most sacred of all American ideals.

President Clinton has committed federal crimes, and there must be a reckoning, or no American shall ever again be prosecuted for those same crimes.

Every word made in these statements applies to the Trump… yet these 14, along with other members of the Pachyderm Party insist he has done nothing wrong worth impeachment or removal from office…

It’s no hoax…here are more jokes…While Trump and his Pachyderm soldiers are setting him free, unknown to them, they have just given everyone in America a free pass as “untouchable.”

What’s good for Trump, is good for the people…if he can commit high crimes and misdemeanors and be set above the laws of prosecution…No American shall ever again be prosecuted for those same crimes…

“Taxes? We don’t need no stinkin’ taxes!!!”



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