A View To A Kill…

Watching the Democratic debate last night televised from Nevada, left me with many thoughts and concerns…However, it was decided as… A View To A Kill…

Why do these debates always result in character assassinations and party division? Our country is in the fight of it’s life against a demonic force in the White House, and instead of hearing from the candidates as to what they can do to rid us of the Evil and his Pachyderm Retrievers, we witness attack upon attack of each candidate, and things they did in the past regarding policies and actions that hurtfully affected groups of specific ethnicities, cultures and genders, which moving forward can be addressed as to what has been done and what can be continued to be done to make sure past mistakes will not be repeated…and those affected can be made whole again…someway, somehow, to keep the huge elephant in the room, the center of all attention…

What we the American people would like to hear, is how can we stop and remove this huge elephant and his Pachyderm party loyalists, and repair the damage visited upon us and our country, in the process…  We want to hear the plans and how they will be executed, to give us much needed insight into whom we should be backing to do the job of taking out the trash and disposing of it!

We want to hear why you are the best candidate.  We want to hear about your policies and how you can make them viable and deliverable…and how your policies and solutions rise above the rest without name calling and continual bashing of your opponents…without invoking ire from us, the voters!  We want to give our votes to the man or woman who can best do the job.  So far, all we have are candidates who have “fan base” followers, who are being baited to individuals running on a party ticket, not candidates who are running in unison to what Democrats stand for, while maintaining party unity! How can you encourage voters to vote Blue when these debates are dividing Democratic voters instead of uniting them in one cause: Get Trump and his Pachyderm Dump, out of the White House in 2020???!!!

I was at the debate in Manchester, New Hampshire on February 11, 2020.  There was much more civility between the candidates, and they put their points across without harsh character bashing and dehumanizing of those who made errors in judgment of policies and political “faux pas” in the course of their public service careers.

A “Debate” is not a blood feast…It’s a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting…where opposing arguments are put forward…how does character assassinations fit into the topic of how to rid our country of Dictator Trump?! And Dem Party division? Somehow these tactics don’t fit in…and should not be figured into the equation of choosing the best qualified candidate worthy to receive the majority of votes/delegates to be named the party nominee.

If we are treated to continuous debates of A View To A Kill…from now until November’s crucial election…save yourselves the trouble of convincing voters you are “the one” who can get the job done by removing the Joke presently destroying democracy and the American ideal of liberty and justice for all…because this “debate division” is going to be successful on one front, and one front only…handing the Clown and his cronies another four years perfecting their comedy of errors on the American people and the rest of the world.

Unify or die…Democrats….we are watching and waiting…we’re all in this together.

Show us “A View To A Kill” of our country’s present Pachyderm oppressors!!! Which one of you candidates will take the high road and UNIFY all Dems to victory???!!!

We are watching in wait….

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