Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

My Grandmother was born on February 7, 1910…and she departed this planet on October 29, 2007.  If God allowed and grandma decided to stay, she would have been 105 today! It was a blessing that grandma decided to go home after 97 years on this earth, because I don’t think she would have liked where this world is headed.

After coming from a place in time where she had to sit at the back of the bus, drink and eat and use public restroom facilities in segregation when out and about in public places…not have the right to vote, and be denied all other rights and equality under the U.S. Constitution, she would have been fit to be tied at finding out how the children of her only daughter, robbed her of her constitutional rights, along with the states of California and New Hampshire, by forcing her to live in a state she no longer wished to live in, denied her openly documented requests and wishes, to satisfy egos, greed and put her in the “control” of mentally ill and severely dysfunctional family members!

Had grandma still been alive, her grandchildren would not have dared to betray her daughter in the egregious and unforgiveable manner in which they did…filing a fraudulent, deceitful and lie riddled petition to gain control over her home and pension!

Grandma would have beat them within an inch of their lives, for betraying and destroying a family so callously and without any concern as to what they were teaching and showing the next generation about honoring the commandment of “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother…and the age old creed of “respecting your elders.”

I remembered…and after some concerns about my mentally dysfunctional family, I stepped up to the plate to honor my mother’s wishes when she came to me, and asked me to move in with her and take care of her finances and assist her with her daily routine… That was on April 3, 2009…family jealousies, envy and strife began once mom was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in September of 2009, with a successive diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s in 2010.  The diabolical youngest daughter started her bid at trying to get mom declared mentally incompetent, a year before her first diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, which was the beginning of 2008!

Mom said she chose me because she knew she could depend on me… Grandma, I tried my best to protect her and grant her wishes…the world has changed, grandma…the world has lost its faith and most of its humanity…love is just a four letter word in many people’s vocabulary…compassion? Where is it? And God?! Grandma, you would turn over and jump up from your grave!

The absence of God and faith? May He have mercy on our souls…for those of us who lack courage to stand up for truth and justice…and for those who have replaced Him for false idols in the forms of other people, and materialism.

Grandma, your birthday gift from me will be that I will continue my quest to attain justice for mom, and punishment for all of those who broke the laws in order to gain their own self interests at her expense!

That quest will extend itself to include all of those like mom who find themselves victims of their own families and our dysfunctional bevy of individuals who bring their dysfunctionality and corruption to deceive and disgrace systems created to uphold integrity and insure the best of ourselves…

You see, grandma, it isn’t the systems that are broken, it is the people running the systems who are broken…the systems themselves are fine, but systems can’t run systems…people are needed to carry out the ideology of the systems…and if people are corrupt, the systems will be carried out in their corruption. What is broken must be removed and replaced with people of integrity and purpose to uphold the integrity of the systems.

It isn’t idealistic…many things which took place in grandma’s time and were accepted by many were changed by those who fought for Civil Rights and equality in this nation… We can never rest on the laurels of any victories won in the fight for human and civil rights and liberties…until man’s inhumanity to man can be overcome and replaced with true freedom in every sense of the word, we have a long road to trudge….

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February 2015
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