The Last Day Of 2014…


What can we say about the last day of the year? Can we say, “Good riddance! I’m happy to see you go?!” Or do we mourn in silence for the horrible truths revealed about human evolution, advancing negative zero, on a scale of one to ten? Or do we applaud those who did good deeds in rushing to the aid of supporting what is good and just about people standing together for causes that promote the best of humanity…such as the Market Basket Strike in New England, and the Marches against Racism, still running rampant in city and county entities, that solicit public trust as public servants? Or shall we honor those victimized because of those “bad apples,” who overshadow the good in the groups who are targeted?

Let’s take this last day to reflect on how we can best honor others, in honoring the best of ourselves… by being the person God meant us to be…it is not too late to be the example of what you would like to see reflected in the world, to uplift and enlighten the human spirit…

It is not too late to realize…that you are the change that will make the difference in 2015, and hopefully, the years to follow.

Good bye, and good riddance to 2014…God speed 2015…God speed you…to become a light in the world…a beacon of the best of humanity, in restoring what is good…and what made God choose His son…to restore Man’s Salvation.


Give Love On Christmas Day….

Love love is

Say, “I love you” to a stranger…and mean it! Rescue your enemy from the destruction you initiate…be kind…give love!

Forgive those you would never ever think of forgiving…and welcome more love into the world. Find a way to “turn the other cheek” so a seed of love is planted…

Kiss a child…any child…and receive love… Embrace the aged…and experience the wisdom of love… Open your heart to receive the love that is meant to nourish your spirit…and make you brand new…every time you receive and pass it on, beyond you…

Love is the key…love is the savior…Love is you…It is the magic that makes all that is impossible…possible!

Love heals…love redeems…love creates…love transforms…love gives life…love saves…love is all there is…

All you need is love….When every soul believes it, the riddle of life will complete itself… Give love on Christmas Day, and let the miracles begin!

I love you, Mom! Love will always be our portal….

Christmas 2014…So…This is Christmas!



Today in America…Families are together…Love in droves…everyone appreciating one another…comfy and cozy…happy to be alive…happy to just be! No hunger anywhere…Everyone has shelter from the cold…everyone is at peace…everyone is thankful for the life that is theirs…everyone is happy with the hands they’ve been dealt…Hands across the globe… So much love! So much to be thankful for…

Travon Martin…Michael Brown…Eric Garner…What have we done? Where did we fail?! So much love gone wrong…so much life lost…so much pain! So much sorrow…so much unrest…so many tears! So many broken hearts…broken families…broken dreams…hope lost!

Homeless…helpless…desolation…hunger…Land of the Free…Home of the Brave…From Sea to Shining Sea!

So this is Christmas…2014….


mom 3

Freedom…what does it mean to you? To me, it’s just another seven letter word. What did it mean to Michael Brown? Travon Martin? Gerlene Bangs? These were people with lives…and someone decided that they did not deserve their constitutional right to freedom! Who are these people who took away Michael, Travon, and Gerlene’s freedom? If we stand and do nothing to preserve the right to freedom for those like Michael, Travon and Gerlene, soon we will be joining them….as faceless, inconsequential nobodies whose existence can be extinguished by the pull of a trigger, or a swipe of a pen!

Freedom…freedom…freedom! Let freedom ring! Let it resonate from the mountaintops! Let it reverberate through the heavens! Let NO ONE take your freedom!!! Stand up, DO NOT STAND DOWN! Take them down with freedom! Everyday in America, someone wins…and someone loses… Let those who lose be those who take away the freedom of others…

FREEDOM…it is more than a seven letter word…it is life…it is liberty…it is the pursuit of happiness…guard it…protect it…rise up for it…freedom is…your life!

human rights 10


A Journey…


I woke up in the wee hours of the morning very distressed. I thought about my ongoing dilemma on how to help my mother be free of her present circumstances, and the flood gates opened! Everything imaginable from my life rose up to remind me how my concerns as a child and an adult, have always been on saving the world…The world is a chameleon of unpleasantries…most of which will probably never be disengaged from their “reign of terror” upon this globe we call Earth. Suddenly, I felt small and worthless. ‘How can I, a “nobody,” attain such a task?” Then I heard a voice say, “It’s a journey…with a few farts along the way.” That voice belonged to my guy. He always had such a way of putting things in their perspective…even if it was a little crude! Lol… Yet he was right…Life isn’t the perfect orb behind those rose-colored glasses. Get rid of them, and put on your industrial boots and gloves! There’s going to be a lot of wading through the bandini in the process of clearing and cleaning up those paths through your journey of life…Oh yeah, don’t forget to hold your nose!!!

We must remember that we aren’t “Atlas.” It isn’t the expectation or the given that we take the world upon our shoulders.  We are here for such a small speck of a moment in time…and we must make the most of that moment. “You are a child of the Universe…no less than the trees and the stars…you have a right to be here…” Claim your right…define your presence in your moment…and know when it passes, your moment becomes a  historical thread in the tapestry of this planet’s history…forever your “footprint” in time….



A Day It Was!


It was a day today! Yes it was…I wonder if we will every get back to a space and place in time when the spirit is calm and the heart is willing.  We have lost the real meaning of self.  It is not to be “selfish” it is to be “selfless.”

How can we preserve what is good about humanity if the savage beast continues to rage within? What a day it was, when freedom meant something more than seven letters in a word.

Everyday in America someone wins…and someone loses…and it is usually the person who cares the most and has the most to lose…it isn’t money or possessions…it’s “self.”

Can we save the “soul of self?”

A day it was when we could sleep without a care….

a day

December 2014
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