A Journey…


I woke up in the wee hours of the morning very distressed. I thought about my ongoing dilemma on how to help my mother be free of her present circumstances, and the flood gates opened! Everything imaginable from my life rose up to remind me how my concerns as a child and an adult, have always been on saving the world…The world is a chameleon of unpleasantries…most of which will probably never be disengaged from their “reign of terror” upon this globe we call Earth. Suddenly, I felt small and worthless. ‘How can I, a “nobody,” attain such a task?” Then I heard a voice say, “It’s a journey…with a few farts along the way.” That voice belonged to my guy. He always had such a way of putting things in their perspective…even if it was a little crude! Lol… Yet he was right…Life isn’t the perfect orb behind those rose-colored glasses. Get rid of them, and put on your industrial boots and gloves! There’s going to be a lot of wading through the bandini in the process of clearing and cleaning up those paths through your journey of life…Oh yeah, don’t forget to hold your nose!!!

We must remember that we aren’t “Atlas.” It isn’t the expectation or the given that we take the world upon our shoulders.  We are here for such a small speck of a moment in time…and we must make the most of that moment. “You are a child of the Universe…no less than the trees and the stars…you have a right to be here…” Claim your right…define your presence in your moment…and know when it passes, your moment becomes a  historical thread in the tapestry of this planet’s history…forever your “footprint” in time….



a day

January 2023
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