The Importance of Harry…

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The Importance of Harry…

Buckingham Palace unwittingly made a bold statement when this picture was released to the public…it declared the Queen’s direct successors to the throne…portraying that Harry was no longer “the spare” as he was once labeled in the press upon his birth, 35 years ago…

There should be no surprise, shock or anger about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex making their announcement to step back from their duties as Senior Royals… The Importance of Harry…is Change.

Change is not the enemy…Change is inevitable…Change is the continuity of life…Change must be accepted without the heaviness of tradition and formality, which only serve to stagnate, arrest and stifle the light of change…Harry has been enduring the struggles and path of his life under the burden of a traumatic childhood tragedy, with a constant trigger ever-present in his life, as a very visible royal…

As sixth in line to the British Throne, shouldn’t Harry be allowed to have a life with his family outside of the rigorous life of a senior royal as he has chosen per announcement?  It is time for a change within the Monarchy of the Royal Family to implement a decree to permit those not in direct line of ascension, to live their lives, and respectfully provide for their lives, independently, as is the present and requested goal of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex….

The importance of Harry is the love and welfare of his family, which has become his importance…and the meaning of his life…The Universe has a way of bringing hearts together for a purpose…Harry has found his love…his family…and his purpose…allow him to live it.  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, each, are their own person…together, they are catalysts of change…We are bearing witness to…

…the importance of Harry…Long live the Change!!!

Six Days Into 2020…War On The Horizon?

Six days into 2020…War on the horizon? How did we get here?! This isn’t the way to begin a New Year… People everywhere deserve time to reflect and to be, when a new year begins…It is written that God created all that we know…all that we are…and all that we will be…in 6 days.  On the 7th day, He rested…

Life will never rest as long as there are those who persist in making war a way of life! Peace will never prevail if those of darkness are chosen to reign and spread terror upon the innocent by cloaking their actions under the guise of good…such as the “one” rearranging America to his benefit, with the blind assistance of his minions…

Six days into 2020…war on the horizon…is this where we want to be?  Six days into the new year…our day of destruction may lay in the seventh…

 It’s time to make that change…or there may never be a day of  rest again….

Happy New Year! 2020 is Here….

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Happy New Year! 2020 is Here….

2020 is here…and so are you! A new decade is beginning, not just a new year…You are here and now at the start of a new decade…a collection of ten chapters…or volumes…or a continuum of living without much variation.

The Roaring Twenties represented an era of change and growth which brought about dramatic social and political change, gigantic leaps forward for women and their freedom, The Harlem Renaissance, Bessie Coleman, the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, the heyday of Jazz, Flappers, economic growth and widespread prosperity, science and technological advances and discoveries, and of course, the Stock Market Crash of 1929…. 

2020 is here…what strides will be made in the twenties decade of  the 21st Century? What can you do to be a part of that change and growth which will surely impact the staying power…or the demise of a nation? Will you champion the virtue of truth? Or the decay of lies….

2020 is here…and it beckons you to be the best of who you are…

2020 is here…and it challenges you to become change and growth, to bring about dramatic social and political change…to create and bring about gigantic leaps forward for women and their freedom…to breakthrough with a renaissance that propels the populace out of darkness and once again…into the light of wisdom, humanity and enlightenment….

On The Eve Of 2020..

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It Was The Night Before Christmas…

It was the night before Christmas… and all through the Nation…

People were scurrying about and crying out to Creation:

“All I want for Christmas is a new  President! The one now in office, from Hell he was sent!”

His colleagues and constituents are demons too! Spinning lies to cover lies, What on earth can we do?!

They have taken all the laws and bent them to their gain…Wiping their backsides with the Constitution in blatant disdain!

Dumping on impeachment with their majority rule….crushing any chance for a challenging duel!

The Ghosts from Christmas Future, Present and Past, sent out their answer in a thundering blast: “You know what to do, hold fast to your course! The answer lays in the Founding Fathers’ source….They were Americans first and foremost, above all…no party…no man… could sway that call!  Honor, liberty and loyalty to the Nation…God and Truth… sealed this station!

Stand tall, STAND TALL!  The derelict party will FALL! Their duty is not to themselves…they’ve ignored the call… Ears that cannot hear, and eyes that cannot see….will no longer succeed, they will cease to be!!!”

It was the night before Christmas…and all through the Nation….

A new world was forming to reshape creation….Christmas is rebirth, when miracles are born….the hour has come…to sound the horn!

“All I want for Christmas is a new President!” The Nation can have one….the stage has been set….

Merry Christmas to all…and to all, a good night…. the miracle is coming…and well within sight.

Stand tall, STAND TALL!  The outcome is our call.

My Friend…Kristoff

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My Friend…Kristoff

I was shocked and saddened by Kristoff’s passing…He had so much more life ahead of him to experience! However, the loss of his son, and the resulting depression was a tremendous burden to bear…No matter how strong a person is, depression can be difficult to overcome…

Depression is a mental anxiety that can be relentless…and it requires patience, love and attentiveness from loved ones and friends…always!  You take each day, one day at a time…and just when you think you’re on the mend, there’s a “trigger” which catapults you back to that moment, and it becomes a constant struggle to maintain your place and purpose in the world…I’m sure that was the case with Kristoff…the love and goodness of his spirit could not come to grips with his loss….

I met Kristoff back in the 80’s when I worked in the entertainment industry.  He would come into the agency alone or with his father.  We always had great conversations and shared many laughs together.  We became fast friends.   I marveled at Kristoff”s “old soul” aura.  He was so kind and exuded warmth to a fault.

He never flaunted his celebrity or consciously drew attention his way…He was quietly humble, yet sure and articulate when he spoke.  He was always genuine…always down to earth.  Kristoff had this way about him where he made you feel like you were the only person in the room…and he never became ruffled when he was approached by people while having a meal.  He’d ask them to sit down and include them as if he’d known them for years!

I left the industry at the close of the 80’s, and still our paths managed to cross from time to time throughout the years.  One of those times, about 10 years after we met, I happened to see him sitting at the restaurant bar where I was meeting some friends for dinner.  Kristoff looked up and saw me and his face lit up. “Charlene! Have a seat!” I laughed, amazed, and said, “You still remember me after all these years?! And he said,  “Of course, I remember you! What have you been up to?!” He patted the chair next to him.  That was Kristoff…

Rest in Love, Dear Friend……

One Nation…Under Siege…From Within.

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