Do You Have A Dream?


Today, we honor a man who had a dream of peace for all…He saw a future where diversity was respected, honored and celebrated…where all people were created equal and treated as equals…where love was the glue that bound everyone and everything that was good, together.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He honored his dream and vision by giving his life…

Do you have a dream? Is it selfless…is it universal…does it bring together humanity in a humbling of hearts and a passion for peace? Can your dream be realized in your lifetime? Do you have purpose? Are you willing to sacrifice, even give your life for your dream?

Imagine…if you lived inside a box with no hope of ever realizing and envisioning a world of love…peace…freedom…liberty…justice…for all.

Imagine…a world without hope…a world without compassion…a world without a clue…open your eyes, is this the world you imagined?

Martin had a dream…

I have a dream…

Do you have a dream?

Let us join in Martin’s dream…let us dream the dream of a nation and a world…at peace.

January 1, 2015…The Key to the Future….

world you

The first day of the rest of your life has arrived…January 1, 2015.  We begin with a New Year…fresh…new…with hope and direction to be “born again.”  Each new day of the New Year, offers promise and deliverance into a future of abundance in all things positive, and all things immersed in love…

Imagine how you can be an architect of enlightenment to enrich and empower the human spirit! You…and only you, hold the key to change!

How will you use it? What will your contributions do to enrich and shape the future of humanity? Will you unlock a Pandora’s Box, or will you open the door to untold riches of human spirit in the forms of Love…Compassion…and the Art of Forgiveness?

You hold a powerful tool…The Key to the Future…Wield it well!

world key

a day

January 2015
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