Six Days Into 2020…War On The Horizon?

Six days into 2020…War on the horizon? How did we get here?! This isn’t the way to begin a New Year… People everywhere deserve time to reflect and to be, when a new year begins…It is written that God created all that we know…all that we are…and all that we will be…in 6 days.  On the 7th day, He rested…

Life will never rest as long as there are those who persist in making war a way of life! Peace will never prevail if those of darkness are chosen to reign and spread terror upon the innocent by cloaking their actions under the guise of good…such as the “one” rearranging America to his benefit, with the blind assistance of his minions…

Six days into 2020…war on the horizon…is this where we want to be?  Six days into the new year…our day of destruction may lay in the seventh…

 It’s time to make that change…or there may never be a day of  rest again….

January 1, 2019…Focus.

January 1, 2019….A new day, a new year, a new beginning.  There is something wonderful about new beginnings…everyday we wake up, we are given a new beginning.  We seem to convince ourselves that each day ending and each day beginning is a continuous string of events….it isn’t.  Because we believe it goes on and on with the establishment of our daily routines, we miss the uniqueness of the moments taking place before us in the course of our lives….

Stop sleep walking through your lives and realize that each moment is a new beginning… Recognize, and discover that once again, you are a part of special times and special moments, like 2019, and the first day of January… Change your life…Change the world…

Happy New Year….



2018…What Will This New Year Bring?

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If we are what we eat…are we what we think? What are your thoughts for this first day of the New Year? Are they good? Bad? Indifferent? Are they chilly, cold, detached, like the present weather conditions we are now experiencing?  Thoughts are things…thoughts can manifest…What will this New Year bring?  What will we manifest in 2018?

This is the first day of bringing forth our best thoughts, words and deeds.  This is the beginning of us manifesting our greatest good…our “best” selves.  In this year of 2018, we must rise above anything and anyone who challenges the evolution of our greater good into our best!

You hold the power of change…you hold the power to create what will be around you…place your canvas before you, and build a New Year which will transform future generations for the betterment of humanity!

What will this New Year bring?

That is entirely up to YOU!

Welcome to 2018…take the helm…..

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Year One…Day Seven…2017

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Here we are…seven days into the new year of 2017…Year One…

What has changed? Another random shooting spree at an airport in Florida…A sixteen year old stabbed a relative yesterday… same headlines, different year. Have you changed? Notice anything different about anything?! Seven days…a new year…Really?!

Believe! Be the Change! Open your hearts! Believe! When you REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE CHANGE…you will change the energy of the world…and the world will change!

God made the world in six days…if you believe you are the change and become the change by bringing forth your light and depositing your “better” into everything that you say, think and do…you will see the positive changes…within seconds….every second, someone changes the world by committing desperate and mindless acts…you can change the world by a kind word…a smile… a commitment to be a better being… Seven days can make or obliterate a planet…You have 358 days to create a better tomorrow…Start now.

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Year One…Day One…2017

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Here we are…Today we awakened to a brand new day and a brand new year.  What hopes and expectations will be realized?

2017…Year One…January 1st…Day One…carry over nothing…and begin anew.  The world can have a fresh beginning…you can have a fresh beginning…if you leave your baggage behind, and shed your old skin for your new “set of clothes.”

While you’re at it, give yourself a new attitude and a new agenda. Bathe yourself in spiritual truth and arm yourselves with clear and balanced emotions.  Clean up your clutter and clear the way for putting your contributions into motion toward constructing a future with promise!

2017 is presenting itself as an interactive new year…a year of “hands on” change. The shackles of yesteryear have no place in 2017, and the future this year will build.

What do you see? A better place for your children? A world which celebrates the gift of diversity? A whole and flourishing worldwide environment, healing from the  leaching of our planet? Humanity finally embracing peace and unity?

Year One…Day One, is the place to begin…. Resignation of yourself does not have a place in 2017.  What was, is not “now.” Remember…you hold the power of change…you have been given a New Year, to make a difference….the “old” has given way to the “new.” Every second is fluid and subject to change…

Be the change you would like to see in the world…Be the man or woman in the mirror…Realize the dream…Gandhi…Michael Jackson and Martin Luther King  left behind these seeds…2017 can be the soil in which they take hold…each and everyone of us can make it so!

2017…Year One…Day One…our time to build….


January 1, 2015…The Key to the Future….

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The first day of the rest of your life has arrived…January 1, 2015.  We begin with a New Year…fresh…new…with hope and direction to be “born again.”  Each new day of the New Year, offers promise and deliverance into a future of abundance in all things positive, and all things immersed in love…

Imagine how you can be an architect of enlightenment to enrich and empower the human spirit! You…and only you, hold the key to change!

How will you use it? What will your contributions do to enrich and shape the future of humanity? Will you unlock a Pandora’s Box, or will you open the door to untold riches of human spirit in the forms of Love…Compassion…and the Art of Forgiveness?

You hold a powerful tool…The Key to the Future…Wield it well!

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