Catalysts of Change: Harry and Meghan…

Change is not the enemy…Change is inevitable…Change is the continuity of life…Change is Harry…Change is Meghan…Together…they are Catalysts of Change.

Piers Morgan, get over it… British subjects, grow up… Buckingham Palace, time to revamp and enter into the 21st Century! No man (or woman) can tear asunder, what the Universe has joined together…

No matter what your belief or non-belief…these two were set on a path to find each other, and fulfill their purpose…together…as Catalysts of Change.  Forces beyond our control or meddling, have ordained it, and those chosen, will realize their destiny, should they choose to accept it…like it or not, Harry and Meghan were chosen, and have chosen to accept it!

Many are called…few are chosen…many taint the course of their calling…those who remain true to the call of their destinies and path in elevating humankind, are the chosen of Change.

There are no accidents of fate…look back upon the path of these two, beginning with their first taste of their destinies to become catalysts of change,  in their respective childhoods…

At eleven years of age, Meghan viewed a commercial by Procter and Gamble depicting sexist overtones by implying that washing dishes was a woman’s job, stating in the ad, “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.”   It was also prefaced by a woman’s hand, complete with wedding ring, washing a dish! Meghan wrote a letter to Procter & Gamble, asking them to change the commercial to say, “People all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans…” Dishwashing is not relegated to women only…after all, I watched my dad wash dishes, many times!!! Housework is not confined to women…

Meghan took a stand for change, and the change was accepted and implemented…

At 15, Meghan took a picture with a friend in front of Buckingham Palace…in a birthday party video, Meghan is wearing a crown, and her party guests are calling her, “Your Highness”…at a young age, her mother introduced her to community service, which she continued while at college, along with charity projects and the active and never ending support of Women’s Rights…her double degree consists of International Studies and Acting… International Studies focuses on major political, economic, social and cultural issues dominating internationally, on a global scale…

Her joining the cast of “Suits” moved her to Toronto…a city in Canada…a British Commonwealth Country…Toronto…Invictus Games…Harry…Meghan… Coincidence??? Timing…Fate…Destiny taking shape….

Harry’s life dramatically changed when he lost his mother, Diana, who was also his teacher, and anchor…Harry was still a child of 12…William was 15, and more mentally stable to work through and comprehend the magnitude of loss that had occurred in both their young lives…William also has a destiny of purpose… as a future monarch in the line of succession to the British Throne, after his father Charles…He was being primed for that role, all his young life… down to handling his emotions in the face of tragedy…

Harry was robbed of his mother’s guidance to set him on his path of purpose (or was he?)…she left him with a path of choice by including him and his brother in her passions and endearments of heart, as the “People’s Princess”…and the way she embraced the role with the entirety of her being and unrelenting dedication and commitment to her destiny,  brought her a love status amongst the populace of her country, and a world of billions…hard-pressed to be paralleled by any…

The “Wild Child” Harry inherited the personality, charm, passions and heart of his mother, Diana.  Once she discovered her purpose and set upon its path, she encapsulated her role as the People’s Princess with her style, personality, and endless compassion…as a Catalyst of Change…

Diana would have forged ahead with the announcement Harry and Meghan made, even after being asked to hold-off on making it, because as a Catalyst of Change, one knows one must act in the moment to begin the chain reaction necessary in bringing about the desired change–holding off would result in delays in moving the ball forward, and possibly, an abandonment or prolonging the addressing of the request…

A Catalyst of Change readily accepts the responsibility and the consequences of their actions in implementing change.  They don’t shy away from accountability, whatever the outcome…because change is the continuity of life moving forward in the flow of enrichment, betterment and enlightenment of humankind…towards one another, and this planet, on which we have been given the grace to live….

Without Catalysts of Change, humankind would have never progressed beyond their dawning.

Catalysts of Change…Harry and Meghan…not all the world has caught on as yet…in time, perhaps they will understand that change is necessary on the path to longevity and enlightenment…

In the meantime, stay true to yourselves… fulfill your destinies as Catalysts of Change…let no man or woman or beast, tear you asunder…your strength is your love…your love is your destiny…and your destiny… is the path of Change.

Catalysts of Change live on in body, mind and spirit…they are the flames that burn eternal…they are the salvation and preservation of the continuity of life.

To you out there in the world…to you reading these words…will you accept the challenge of becoming a Catalyst of Change?!

Long live Catalysts of Change!!!

Make That “Change”…

Remove the “C” from “complaint” and make that “change!”  There is power in change…and you hold the power to make that change.  The remarkable ability to create is given to each one of us…Stop complaining and create change!  You are the change that can turn this world into a wonderland of all things good and positive.

Positivity and goodness are endless….and because they are endless, the harvest is far reaching and rich in abundance for everyone. Life sucks only if you allow it to suck!  People create the lives they live….people touch others with the energy they release into the world.  Change! Be the change, make that change! Don’t settle for less and don’t accept the negativity and darkness of those who refuse to use the transformative power of positive change!

Focus…2019 is a moment in time dedicated to the magical transformation of “change.”

Make that change!  This is your moment of NOW…January 6th… six days into 2019…What have you created to date? The stage is yours……

2018…What Will This New Year Bring?

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If we are what we eat…are we what we think? What are your thoughts for this first day of the New Year? Are they good? Bad? Indifferent? Are they chilly, cold, detached, like the present weather conditions we are now experiencing?  Thoughts are things…thoughts can manifest…What will this New Year bring?  What will we manifest in 2018?

This is the first day of bringing forth our best thoughts, words and deeds.  This is the beginning of us manifesting our greatest good…our “best” selves.  In this year of 2018, we must rise above anything and anyone who challenges the evolution of our greater good into our best!

You hold the power of change…you hold the power to create what will be around you…place your canvas before you, and build a New Year which will transform future generations for the betterment of humanity!

What will this New Year bring?

That is entirely up to YOU!

Welcome to 2018…take the helm…..

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Year One…Day Seven…2017

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Here we are…seven days into the new year of 2017…Year One…

What has changed? Another random shooting spree at an airport in Florida…A sixteen year old stabbed a relative yesterday… same headlines, different year. Have you changed? Notice anything different about anything?! Seven days…a new year…Really?!

Believe! Be the Change! Open your hearts! Believe! When you REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE CHANGE…you will change the energy of the world…and the world will change!

God made the world in six days…if you believe you are the change and become the change by bringing forth your light and depositing your “better” into everything that you say, think and do…you will see the positive changes…within seconds….every second, someone changes the world by committing desperate and mindless acts…you can change the world by a kind word…a smile… a commitment to be a better being… Seven days can make or obliterate a planet…You have 358 days to create a better tomorrow…Start now.

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