Paving The Road To The Future…

What we’ve done…Where we’ve been…Where we go from there…will determine the road America paves to the future…

Everyday in America, events of significance take place that will shape the destiny of that road. There are going to be many choices on what materials will be used to build this road…and what we choose to support in policy…to make a road that is a lasting infrastructure into the future.

What takes place in our country on a daily basis isn’t always pleasant or positive…However, it must be addressed because these episodes do affect the lives of every citizen in some shape, form or fashion…Most people will disagree because they believe that they are living in their own carved out corner of the universe, functioning in their own piece of the country within the lives they have created for themselves, and what they say, do and decide is what goes because they are in their own space….

If they remained in their own universe…in their own piece of the country which houses their city or town, inside their own abode, without any human contact outside their dwelling…they still would not be the island that they think isolates them from affecting others with their actions, words and deeds. So, it is important that we are mindful of everything going on around us that can and will affect the growth or demise of our nation…

It is important to know the current events which are going on around us and affecting lives everyday…in America, as well as the world. It is our duty to ensure that the roads we pave are better than the last…and that they are built solidly to lead to better destinations than the roads that have thus been paved, becoming America’s road map to History…

Those roads appear to be leading back to some dark and horrific events in America’s past, and we all have the pen and pencils to construct sound and unfettered blueprints for roadways that will replace the weak and unstable roads that are still being used to plod a way into the future…

We have the opportunities to choose how our country will move forward and what role it will play in influencing the world to become the better vision in embracing and uplifting humanity…by observing, reflecting and acting upon the negatives taking place in our own country…with the complete understanding that there are no “untouchables” in humankind…every action affects innocence somewhere…not only those who are innocent in nature…but those who become victims through unsavory thoughts, words and deeds…from war to gender inequality…and every act of inhumanity being committed around the globe…

In a small way what is written on this blog is written to “ignite your light within” to stir your power without…to be a part of the solution…by becoming aware…and becoming better…in your life…and your purpose…

What the world is…is because of its inhabitants…What America is…is because of its inhabitants…taking part…or not taking part in what it now has become…whatever your view…participation…non-participation…opinions…or no opinions…you are shaping America and the world….

If we want a future…we must pave better…stronger…positive and lasting roads, paying heed to their foundations and infrastructures…and who we allow to build them…

It is time to take up your pencils and pens…your voices…your positive instruments of change which you carry within the heart of you…and make your contribution(s) of betterment to a country and a world calling out to “architects” to pave roads to an ailing humanity and planet…it’s never too late to use your light…to create a future….

Every contribution which uplifts…is a brick in the road…

A simple smile has been known to build roads to joy…

A wonderful beginning….

Pave the road.

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