The Face of Racism…Mitch McConnell…

The power Racism continues to fuel the fires of division and inequality…

The nation heard it from the Face of Racism a few days ago…Mitch McConnell.

“The concern is misplaced because if you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans.

There it is…

Spoken and broken down like a true Racist.

McConnell has slipped and spoken his true colors on numerous occasions. Most notably through President Obama’s two terms as President of the United States…Along with other members of the Senate and around Capitol Hill who felt the ease of expressing disrespectful and racist sentiments…

He also spoke his true mind during the Trump folly…ever present…with puppy dog loyalty.

When racism presides in the cradle of democracy…there is no democracy.

“Americans” like Mitch McConnell, following his racial and separatist beliefs, continue to perpetuate and feed the lies of the Trump stained presidential farce, while sowing the seeds of division and racial inequality…which will only result in the great fall of America

The Face of Racism has no place in politics and is a cancerous surge on any hope of having an America which will honor claims of “Home of the Brave,” and “Land of the Free.” 

The Face of Racism has no place in America at all…Yet so many welcome it with ease and vigor…fully embracing its hatred…destruction…and imminent obliterating of a nation forever blindly captioned as “great.”

Greatness cannot emerge in a hotbed of Racism and Hatred…which is presently…and has been from its inception, The Face of America.

The world sees America for what she has been made to be…and is…A young country still struggling to define and find its true identity…fractured and confused…pushing democracy to other countries…while democracy is wasted and ignored in its own…

“Home of the Brave?”

Isn’t it really cowardice we are witnessing?

One can continue to lift citizens of America with spirits of dreamy optimism…while the Face of Racism continues to scourge the land and divide these “United States”…or choose the path to scourge Racism…and stand up for Democracy by dissolving these divisive forces already entrenched in those operating on the Hill.

Manchin and Sinema believe they are principled and saving democracy…by aiding to destroy it…soon they will not need to defend their stances…coming events and history will prove them wrong.

Lady Liberty is crying out for leadership with integrity…sadly, her call will never be answered…due to Cowardice

The good and positive accomplishments made in this country are constantly overshadowed and at risk of being overturned and eliminated by the evil, archaic and selfish intentions of the “privileged” Americans threatened by anything and anyone they perceive as a danger to their “protected” way of life…Racism guarantees that “privilege and protection.”

That is when the “Americans” that Mitch McConnell recognizes, becomes an important part of his constituency to keep his style of politics and beliefs viable, by seducing their weaknesses and human condition to secure their votes, where his “ideologies” are kept in tack and functioning full rudder, until his demise…

Dead men tell no tales…they do that while they are alive, and positioned in life…Lying and lies are their lifeline…their social standard and their insurance to always make sure that the truth is never seen or recognized as the Truth…

Every day that we “wake up” from a night’s sleep, does not always wake us up to what is happening around us…How long are we going to stay “asleep?”

Weakness…Cowardice…Sheep being led to slaughter are a matter of choice for Americans of all avenues of diversity…

The greatness of a nation is not the nation…a nation does not exist without people to sustain it…Greatness lives within the hearts of every human being living on this planet.

If they can awaken to and support the liberties and freedoms which ensure unity and community of all humanity…there will be an opportunity for survival of the human race…and successive generations.  The secret is where one will place their greatness…Hatred…or Humanity?  The hope of the future is locked away in the functioning soul of humankind.

To those who insist upon using billions of dollars going into Space?

Those dollars can be put to better use by improving the human condition and the planet upon which you are now inhabiting…you few are in a very unique position to change lives and environments for the betterment and salvation of the people of this world… and this planet.

Leaving unfinished business here while trying to make discoveries to live out in Space, leaves those future planets in grave danger of becoming divided and destroyed as is what’s happening here and now…on every habitable continent…

And as long as The Face of Racism is America’s “Poster Boy,” the rest of the world will watch and take up safeguards to keep to keep America and her display of “democracy” at arm’s length…

No one will survive a “pandemic” of Racism.

The Face of Racism will fall…

Mitch McConnell…

God will not be mocked…

Nor will those who have awakened…

To the Truth….

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