I always thought that our paths would cross again before this day arrived….

I always think about our phone conversations whenever you called into the office to speak with your agent…to which I was the assistant…I would always hear water dripping…and every time I asked you if that was water dripping you would say, “Yes, I’m taking a bath.” I would laugh and say, “Louie, every time we speak, I always hear water dripping!” You’d laugh and say, “That’s because I’m always taking a bath!”

When you asked me to be your personal assistant, I was ready…unfortunately, the salary you could offer at the time, was less than I was making as an agent’s assistant. You said, “I can’t offer you any more right, now…but your travel and accommodations will be paid for!” I so wanted that position…but I was already living paycheck to paycheck and I could barely make my bills on the $1200 a month I was making…believe me, I stayed up nights thinking how I could survive on $400 less a month…I knew it would be a constant state of happy working with you…but “bill reality” was pressing on my sense of responsibility…Damn it!!!!! I knew I would have to pass….1986 was a tough year financially….

Years later, I was in Las Vegas and noticed you were headlining a show there…I wanted to drop in and see the show, and say hello…maybe another time…life and decisions, again…

I watched from afar and supported your career…rejoiced over your accolades…and felt saddened by your trials…you were a kind and beautiful soul…and your vulnerabilities were your strengths…and also your Achilles heel….

I had contemplated being on “Funny You Should Ask” just to reminisce with you on television. I knew it would be another comic coup for you…especially “bath time!” Then Covid-19 came in and shut things down in 2020… Life just keeps on happening, after all…

Today…you left for a better comedy show….

I will miss you…and I’ll always love you….

God is in for another round of endless laughs…

Rest in Love, my beautiful, loving, brother and friend…

You touched me…

Louie Anderson is now in lights…eternally.

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