Make That “Change”…

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Make That “Change”…

Remove the “C” from “complaint” and make that “change!”  There is power in change…and you hold the power to make that change.  The remarkable ability to create is given to each one of us…Stop complaining and create change!  You are the change that can turn this world into a wonderland of all things good and positive.

Positivity and goodness are endless….and because they are endless, the harvest is far reaching and rich in abundance for everyone. Life sucks only if you allow it to suck!  People create the lives they live….people touch others with the energy they release into the world.  Change! Be the change, make that change! Don’t settle for less and don’t accept the negativity and darkness of those who refuse to use the transformative power of positive change!

Focus…2019 is a moment in time dedicated to the magical transformation of “change.”

Make that change!  This is your moment of NOW…January 6th… six days into 2019…What have you created to date? The stage is yours……

January 1, 2019…Focus.

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January 1, 2019…Focus.

January 1, 2019….A new day, a new year, a new beginning.  There is something wonderful about new beginnings…everyday we wake up, we are given a new beginning.  We seem to convince ourselves that each day ending and each day beginning is a continuous string of events….it isn’t.  Because we believe it goes on and on with the establishment of our daily routines, we miss the uniqueness of the moments taking place before us in the course of our lives….

Stop sleep walking through your lives and realize that each moment is a new beginning… Recognize, and discover that once again, you are a part of special times and special moments, like 2019, and the first day of January… Change your life…Change the world…

Happy New Year….



2019…What Will You Make of It?

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2019…What Will You Make of It?


Goodbye and good riddance to 2018… We can be better, yes we can, in 2019! 2018 took so much of my energy that I have not written anything here since May of 2018!  Life was happening all around me…and then some!  Incredible souls left us behind…to weather the storms ahead…or usher in peace by standing up and letting our voices be heard and engage, by being agents of change and Justice Warriors…2019, what will you make of it?

Bring us the courage to turn on the light within us all…The light which will awaken us to be better than we were yesteryear and yesterday…. Let us no longer accept mediocrity…the twisting of truth, and out and out lies…Let us understand that together we stand…or fall…that no one is an island…that we are all in this creation of illusion and delusion of another’s making, and we must rise to take the reins to bring us back to the road of unity, love and justice for all…

2019 will reveal that we are the heroes and heroines to one another…we are the rescue teams…each and everyone of us is the difference in creating a better world…or the continuance of a world headed for the abyss of chaos and destruction….

2019…What will you make of it?  You are the answer…You are the difference.  Angels aren’t in the spotlight…they work behind the scenes…spread your wings and bring about the changes that will create the future of humanity…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Mothers Are The Salt Of The Earth…..

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Mothers Are The Salt Of The Earth…..

Mom - Maine 2013 (3).JPGMy mother transitioned from earth on March 17, 2016…Yes, today is Mother’s Day, yet there isn’t a day that passes that she isn’t missed!  Mothers are special.  And if yours is still here and with you, remember to let her know how much you love her…let her know how much she means to you…forget the disagreements and the mother’s love that can sometimes be too much! Never forget that moms are people too… They make mistakes…they’re not perfect…and you can teach and learn from each other.

Mothers are the glue that ultimately holds our lives together…until we can put ourselves together, recalling our moms’ wisdom and guidance.  Don’t wait for a day once in a year to show your appreciation…love…thanks…and admiration.  Mothers are the salt of the earth…

I miss my mother. While she lives on in my heart and in my memories…there’s nothing that compares to picking up a phone to hear her voice on the other end…or driving over to see her face to face…

God’s Love to mothers everywhere! Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and kisses, Mom…


2018…What Will This New Year Bring?

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2018…What Will This New Year Bring?

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If we are what we eat…are we what we think? What are your thoughts for this first day of the New Year? Are they good? Bad? Indifferent? Are they chilly, cold, detached, like the present weather conditions we are now experiencing?  Thoughts are things…thoughts can manifest…What will this New Year bring?  What will we manifest in 2018?

This is the first day of bringing forth our best thoughts, words and deeds.  This is the beginning of us manifesting our greatest good…our “best” selves.  In this year of 2018, we must rise above anything and anyone who challenges the evolution of our greater good into our best!

You hold the power of change…you hold the power to create what will be around you…place your canvas before you, and build a New Year which will transform future generations for the betterment of humanity!

What will this New Year bring?

That is entirely up to YOU!

Welcome to 2018…take the helm…..

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