This Truth Is Evident…

This Truth Is Evident…

The Republican Party…Must GO!

In its present state, it is a Party of Insurrectionists…Sedition…Treason…Traitors…Sociopaths…Pathological Liars…Conspiracy Propagandists…Self-Anointed Elitists…Bullies…Cowards…Political Chameleons…Loyalists to their own self-gain…and Power Extremists.

They do not serve allegiance to the Republic…or the people they took oaths to serve…They are self-serving and devoid of honor, truth and integrity.  This truth is evident…and truth is not always kind…

They are the putrefaction of white supremacy and white privilege…a truth that is not kind…

Trump is not gone as long as the present Party of GOP loyalists are allowed to move forward…as if the last four years of their enabling of a dictator and his demonic rise in the Office of the President of the United States… never took place…as if the insurrection at the Nation’s Capital Building on January 6, 2021, never took place…

As long as the GOP continues to recite their mantra, that “Trump is out of office now” while planting divisive seeds that another impeachment trial would sow further division, because the country needs to heal…our democracy is still in danger…

Healing will not take place if accountability is swept under the rug… and “division” of a different sort will surely take place…a division that will destroy democracy and America…

This present rhetoric from the GOP is merely a diversion to steer the people who believe in this country and what it is meant to stand for away from supporting the second impeachment trial… They want to accomplish this in order to ensure that Trump’s supporters remain intact to bolster their thirst and continued quest for power in their votes, luring them to believe that Trump will make a run for the Presidency in 2024… With the second impeachment trial, and a conviction, Trump will be barred from running for any office… ever again. 

This Truth Is Evident….

Accountability must be served on behalf of the American people… Salvation and preservation of our Democracy hangs in the balance….

This Truth Is Evident…

We cannot afford to let this moment pass without retribution…the price our country and every American will pay…will permanently divide us…and destroy us.

This Truth Is Evident…

If we believe in a free country…in a free world…we must support the safeguards of our democracy…and put them to test…and show the world that we stand on what we believe in…and what we are going to do to defend it…within our country…as well as outside of our country.

This Truth Is Evident…

And it is soberly clear…America’s credibility stands on her “Accountability.”

Is there a “backbone” to American democracy?

What is the Constitution? If it is not the document of our democracy, what is it?

While it is not perfect…and it needs to be amended to service the continuing change and growth to accommodate centuries of America’s ever-evolving tapestry…our Constitution calls for “Accountability.”

Conquering our weaknesses as a country…is our strength as a nation.  Our nation’s longevity stands on the fine line of overcoming our weaknesses by directing our strength to enforce the truth of our democracy: Defiance demands and delivers accountability…to anyone who challenges its sovereignty….

This Truth Is Evident…

Usurping the Constitution… infringes the will of the people.

Abuse of power must be met with shutting down that power…and severing any and all avenues to that power ever occurring again.  Impeachment of Trump is that accountability…without any shadow of a doubt.

Lincoln and real Republicans weep at the destruction of their party by their own hand and despicable actions…Give them a reality check: Treason will not be tolerated on any level…

This Truth… Is Evident….

The Eve Before New Year’s Eve

A day and 39 minutes until the New Year…39 minutes until New Year’s Eve…for me, a day of reflection on a year gone south in many ways! On March 17, 2016, my mom passed away…it was bittersweet because she had been a pawn in the most egregious incident of sibling rivalry, jealousies and envies, and lessons in evil I could have ever encountered from a family with their own self-interests at heart!  2016 was hands down, “The Year of the Sociopath.”

Read up on sociopaths…because next year will give rise to many more…one especially, in a key role…armor up!

2016 is also a year of endings…eye-openers…self-awareness…self-scrutiny…enormous trials and endless tribulation. A time for preparation and recognizing true sisterhood and brotherhood…and joining together to restore humanity to an ailing and fractured planet…as well as the lost and aimless among us.

Many have left us to go “home” before great changes begin…the challenges are many…and peace, and the need for rest was a louder call to those souls who chose home…Many left behind great and noble reminders and gifts of their time here, as well as tools, examples and comforts in spirit to use in aiding with the gargantuan struggles which lay ahead…

The eve before New Year’s Eve…a time of reflection and setting the course for tomorrow…let go…and let God…we cannot save those who have set their course without Him….





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