2021…This Year is Done…2022…We All Become New…

Here we stand reflecting on 2021…after today, a year all done. What will you leave behind…and what will you bring forward in the New Year?

How and what did you contribute to the year we are leaving behind, in a matter of hours? With the restrictions of the pandemic, politics, and altered nature causing horrific tolls on our country and the world, how did you make your presence felt in the last twelve months? Were you a beast… a burden? Were you a saint or a sinner? Were you naughty or nice? Were you an instigator or a Savior? Were you an innovator or a diehard? Can you look back on 2021 and say that you were the best of yourself? Or can you be honest enough to say you weren’t?

Each year becomes more riddled with obstacles and trials that test our mettle and our humanity…

Each year…we are called into the role of shepherd…and each year…we fall short.

Each year…we are given the realization of our connections to one another…and our planet…and our ignorance prevails…

For each one of us Time is finite…It is a reality that we face every day…If anything has given us that sobering realization…let’s start with our introduction last year to the coronavirus…and it’s continuing reign.

What will you bring forward in the New Year?

What about a new you?

A new you with the realization that you cannot rely upon someone you give your vote to…to represent your best interests…understand that there is not one with a heart of gold…or who can walk on water…and promises in politics…are always made to be broken…

This new you will also have the realization that life on our planet has had it’s longevity cut in half because the powers that be…have chosen to honor and support the almighty exchange…money…instead of the continuity of life on all levels…

The new you will realize that change is in your hands…it is your power to change every circumstance which hinders or suppresses opportunities to rise into the stratosphere of humanity at it’s best and finest.

The new you will realize that we can arrest and control the coronavirus from its constant mutations…by everyone practicing the protocols that would protect every man, woman and child…because we have the compassion and common sense to understand that we must stand together to conquer that which seeks to divide us…permanently.

No one’s rights are being challenged, taken away or restricted by sense and sensibilities…that tell us that the right thing to do is to ensure continuity of life by doing whatever is available to stop the loss of another million lives…The new you holds that power in the palm of your hands…The new you is and always has been the instrument of Change…

You…me…we are the catalyst of creating the best life and conditions for our human family….

2022 is upon us…

Close the door on 2021…bring forward the new you in 2022…

Thanks for the lessons 2021…So long…Farewell…Goodbye….

Whatever the New Year brings…

It begins with…You.

Become New…in 2022….

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