Two More Days to Make Your Mark In 2021…

There are two days left to make your mark in 2021…

You can sharpen your teeth on these last two days in preparation to be an incredible contributor to the betterment of you…and your life uplifting contributions in 2022!

Our duty in life is our amazing ability to make dismal situations magically transform to miraculous events…and it can happen with just a smile…a kind word…or continuing to follow Covid protocols…in preserving your life…and the lives of others!

Understand that without our actions to make the best out of situations that present obstacles…obstacles will never be overcome…

Don’t ever believe that what you cannot uplift or affect someone or some circumstance… You are here to initiate change…growth…and enlightenment…within yourself and the lives you touch with your thoughts, words and deeds.

Make your mark…you still have time to improve upon the year of 2021…

This too shall pass…

Again you are called….

To make a difference.

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December 2021
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