Mr. Trump…

I cannot put “President” before your name, because you’re not my president…and from your actions since taking over the White House, you’re not the people’s president either.

My mother taught me to respect all people…including the fools among us…hence, the “Mr.” Trump…You are a classic “social” anti-social…you seek to lay waste to all that is good and just in the United States from the highest seat in the nation affecting other parts of the world, under the guise of “Making America Great, Again.”

We will examine that phrase in more depth at another time…but for now, your task at “making greatness” has been nothing more than promoting more divisiveness, chaos and oppression…

The greatness of America lays in her meaning…Yes, the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, is a woman, a beacon of freedom for those seeking sanctuary and a new life of liberty, along with the pursuit of happiness, in her land…such is your respect for women!

Lest you’ve forgotten, you are the product of immigrants…your wife is an immigrant…in your latest order to ban Muslim immigrants into the country, and your assaults on other immigrants, you are also hurling insults at the memory of your parents, and slapping your wife in the face!

Ignoring your own history as an immigrant, much like Adolf Hitler held blond and blue-eyed to be the “superior in race,” as he himself was brown-eyed, brown hair…to his own admission in description of superior… he was”inferior.”

The indigenous people of the United States of America are Native Americans…Not White Supremacists…perhaps that is why you can so callously sign the halted Dakota Access Pipeline back into play, ignoring the repercussions to health, welfare, tribal customs and environment devastation…just to make a few extra bucks.  The few thousand jobs created short-term are not worth the massive destruction you’ve endorsed…

You do not represent “we the people”… You do not represent the dream of the Founding Fathers… You do not represent the Constitution of the United States…You are not representative of what the dreams and ideals of America stand for…

Your actions, your words, your thoughts, your deeds…are everything that America is not.  Your “style guide” is not a book recommended for anyone’s read or instruction.  Accepting you would make you my accepted style guide…and I don’t accept you… You have no heart…no soul…

ISIS cuts off heads…You, Mr. Trump…you cut out hearts….

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”


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Freedom…what does it mean to you? To me, it’s just another seven letter word. What did it mean to Michael Brown? Travon Martin? Gerlene Bangs? These were people with lives…and someone decided that they did not deserve their constitutional right to freedom! Who are these people who took away Michael, Travon, and Gerlene’s freedom? If we stand and do nothing to preserve the right to freedom for those like Michael, Travon and Gerlene, soon we will be joining them….as faceless, inconsequential nobodies whose existence can be extinguished by the pull of a trigger, or a swipe of a pen!

Freedom…freedom…freedom! Let freedom ring! Let it resonate from the mountaintops! Let it reverberate through the heavens! Let NO ONE take your freedom!!! Stand up, DO NOT STAND DOWN! Take them down with freedom! Everyday in America, someone wins…and someone loses… Let those who lose be those who take away the freedom of others…

FREEDOM…it is more than a seven letter word…it is life…it is liberty…it is the pursuit of happiness…guard it…protect it…rise up for it…freedom is…your life!

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