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Freedom…what does it mean to you? To me, it’s just another seven letter word. What did it mean to Michael Brown? Travon Martin? Gerlene Bangs? These were people with lives…and someone decided that they did not deserve their constitutional right to freedom! Who are these people who took away Michael, Travon, and Gerlene’s freedom? If we stand and do nothing to preserve the right to freedom for those like Michael, Travon and Gerlene, soon we will be joining them….as faceless, inconsequential nobodies whose existence can be extinguished by the pull of a trigger, or a swipe of a pen!

Freedom…freedom…freedom! Let freedom ring! Let it resonate from the mountaintops! Let it reverberate through the heavens! Let NO ONE take your freedom!!! Stand up, DO NOT STAND DOWN! Take them down with freedom! Everyday in America, someone wins…and someone loses… Let those who lose be those who take away the freedom of others…

FREEDOM…it is more than a seven letter word…it is life…it is liberty…it is the pursuit of happiness…guard it…protect it…rise up for it…freedom is…your life!

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December 2014
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