The Last Day Of 2014…


What can we say about the last day of the year? Can we say, “Good riddance! I’m happy to see you go?!” Or do we mourn in silence for the horrible truths revealed about human evolution, advancing negative zero, on a scale of one to ten? Or do we applaud those who did good deeds in rushing to the aid of supporting what is good and just about people standing together for causes that promote the best of humanity…such as the Market Basket Strike in New England, and the Marches against Racism, still running rampant in city and county entities, that solicit public trust as public servants? Or shall we honor those victimized because of those “bad apples,” who overshadow the good in the groups who are targeted?

Let’s take this last day to reflect on how we can best honor others, in honoring the best of ourselves… by being the person God meant us to be…it is not too late to be the example of what you would like to see reflected in the world, to uplift and enlighten the human spirit…

It is not too late to realize…that you are the change that will make the difference in 2015, and hopefully, the years to follow.

Good bye, and good riddance to 2014…God speed 2015…God speed you…to become a light in the world…a beacon of the best of humanity, in restoring what is good…and what made God choose His son…to restore Man’s Salvation.


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