That Was The Week That Was…

That Was The Week That Was…shocking and signaled the true beginning of the end of American democracy as we know it.  The Trump acquittal was a Twilight Zone moment…crazy-out-of-this-world madness!!! The first full week of February revealed the true character of Trump’s elephant party…Are we witnessing a resurgence of energy reminiscent of Hitler and his Nazi Party? Yes! “Never again” is here…Everyday in America…unfolding in this administration’s reign of terror.  Who would have ever imagined the fall of our nation in this manner….

Everything that has since followed that week, has been condoning lawlessness and total and complete ignorance of checks and balances within our democracy…Yes, democracy here in America is dead.

That Was The Week That Was…revealing to the rest of America, that if we the people don’t unify to remove this albatross hanging about all of our necks by voting them all out when the opportunities present themselves throughout the coming months leading up to the general election in November…America will definitely be the nation that was…

What makes people so willing to follow evil at the cost of losing their own souls in the process? The witnessing of this demonic energy is truly mind boggling! It is extremely incomprehensible…the mind and those with a moral compass cannot grasp the logic or the depth of it…because what it really comes down to is the good and evil which dwells within…and what we choose to cultivate between the two…and the choice of conscience or absence thereof, when destroying lives through the course of such actions.

Evil…pure evil…is not a myth.  At this moment it is alive and well and operating as a Dictator and his Elephant regime. Money…Power…The greater the power…the more dangerous the abuse. Another casualty has fallen victim to this disease…America.

That Was The Week That Was…is asking every American of moral compass and conscience…What are you prepared to do to take back and restore the ideal?  WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO?!

This, is the moment in time to address The Week That Was…by doing everything within and without the confines of heaven and earth, to remove and contain that which threatens the future of our nation…Ignorance and waiting are not options…history has shown us the results of those….Stalin…Mussolini…Hitler…Trump.

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February 2020
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