Goodbye 2016…What Now 2017?


2016…we hardly knew ya, now you’re just about gone! Let me see…what did we get from you? We got from you that death is really certain by the many incredibly talented and iconic personalities that left us in 2016…Beginning with David Bowie…and rounding out the end of the year with George Michael…Carrie Fisher…and a day later, her mom, Debbie Reynolds… Wow, Prince!!! Gene Wilder…Muhammad Ali…Gwen Ifil…and dozens more…

Losses of our own…My mom on March 17, 2016…a brother on December 16, 2016…

2016 gave us a genuine look at the cycle of life, and the realities of the world and the country in which we live… God Almighty, what will 2017 bring?! 2016 showed us that desperation opens the door to acceptance on many levels…especially casting all morals, values and spiritual growth out the window…accepting lies for truth…and truth for lies…and embracing the worst of humanity, if it will put food on the table…a roof over one’s head…and a job to go to…lambs going to slaughter is a better choice…than standing up for the right to be, on your own terms!

When will people realize that the ruby slippers on your feet will give you everything you need…if you will just trust the God in you, and understand the power in numbers! A “trump” card does not guarantee a winning hand!!!

You, and you alone…are the power and instrument of change…Imagine what can be accomplished with “like minds” working together in the preservation of humanity and our planet…if only common sense and God’s meaning of love could be distributed through a glass of water!

2016 is a year of endings…2016 is and was a year to look inward…2016 showed us all who and what we really, really are…don’t be afraid to step outside the box and be the change that will usher in our salvation as the  “human race,” and give us rights of passage to be here beyond 2017… This year of 2016 “revelation” doesn’t need to be our legacy….

Goodbye, 2016…

What now, 2017? Well…we will see what will be…because the aftermath of 2017, is up to you and me… We can start with love…learn the meaning of “unconditional,” couple it with love, and ignite a beginning that will knock down the walls of Jericho!!!

Happy New Year! May 2017 give us all the courage to be heard…forces to be reckoned with…and the understanding of our power to change the world in which we now live to reflect the best of ourselves….

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June 2023
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