God Help Us…

The “Presidential Debate?” What debate?! It was a debacle.

God Help Us…

We must be bigger and better than what millions of us witnessed tonight.

Our country cannot…will not…survive another four years of narcissistic, Lessons In Evil Subtantiated…LIES…..

We are faced with a task of choosing what will be the best administration for our country…to heal…beat the virus…to get back to work…and to unify for the benefit of saving a nation that is clearly in danger of self-destruction.

We must stop passing the buck and stand up and be counted. We must speak up and use our voices…loud…and clear…That we will not be ignored any longer. We are the Democracy…We…The People. We cannot and must not be fearful of doing what is clearly the right thing to do for our country.

We must elect politicians who will usher in change…Who recognize that the current parties are in desperate need of an overhaul…and a serious restructuring and rebuilding…We must break the old belief systems of the past…rejecting those politicians who insist upon taking our country back to the “dark ages” and empower those who are projecting and practicing “Change.”

Our country will not withstand its present course under archaic and exclusivity politics now in practice and full swing… We will never be a great nation…or a free nation…if we continue to accept the shackles and chains that now bind each and every American…Black…White…Red…Yellow…Brown…Blue…Purple…Whatever! We must start with eliminating the “labels” and separations…and realize that we are all “Human Beings” and members of Humanity.

God Help Us…to remember that we are not the chaos and hatred that is embraced like a life-saver…it is an anchor which weighs us down…and will eventually be the death of us…all of us…there will be no survivors who are schooled through chaos and hatred….

We cannot continue to embrace darkness over Love and Truth….This time is “Do or Die” time…We must choose the light of love over the darkness of chaos and disorder…We will not survive it…our nation will go up in flames…like other once strong and rising nations…who lost their footing…and eventually perished…because they thought they were greater than what they really were…greatness without an “equitable” foundation is already a foundation crumbling….

After what was witnessed tonight…We must invest in Truth…Justice…Unity…We The People….The salvation of our country is in our hands…Vote…You will and can change the present course of our country…

The greatness of America…is Her people…

God Help Us…

To realize that.

What’s Important… What Are Your Priorities?

What’s important…What are your priorities? What’s important to you? What are your priorities in life…in your life?

Once you have decided what’s important…what’s important to you, what your priorities are in life, and in your life…what road or path will you take to bring these things of importance and priorities into being and fruition?

Will attainment be sought by principles of truth, honesty and a moral compass? Or will the results be attained by lies (Lessons In Evil Substantiated), criminalities, deceit, immorality, and all that immorality implies?

When “accomplishments” in immorality come to fruition they are saturated with victims and events wittingly and unwittingly caught up in the midst of a cataclysm that eventually brings about great changes…oftentimes, changes that are devastating and irreparable.

The courses we choose to take are never without connectivity to others…our actions consciously and unconsciously will always involve others.

What’s important to us…our priorities and how we go about achieving them, can never be self-serving…although the majority of people do indeed, make their plans on a level that is completely self-serving.  Others may be considered at the onset of the quest, yet somewhere along the journey, the quest becomes self-serving.

The saving grace is possessing a moral compass…A moral compass brings most of us back to the objective of our journey, and how what we do or don’t do, affects the lives of those around us…and those unseen.

What’s important…is remaining true to ourselves while attaining what’s important, with a moral compass that will lead us to realizing our priorities…in life…and in our lives.

What should be important to us? Gaining what’s important to us without sacrificing the integrity of our hearts, at the cost of losing our souls…

In America today, we are witnessing self-serving and sacrifice at the cost of the American Ideal…The American Dream…America’s foundation of principles in the Constitution…and the American People…

Lies…Division…A Fractured and Fissured Government…The Loss of Democracy…Self-Serving Politics…Misplaced Loyalties to Parties over an Ailing Country…Money over Morality…Underestimating the American People…Condemning the American People to Unnecessary Servitude…Promoting Hatred, Color-Barriers, Genocide, Exclusivity Immigration, Reversing Laws of  Human and Women’s Rights…

These things, and endless more atrocities committed by the present administration and unwitting and witting followers of same, have only given the world a bird’s eye view, and those Americans who have ears to hear and eyes to see, a ringside seat…of the deterioration and ultimate demise of a once great Nation…

Any form of vitriol and anarchy must be stopped before it has the opportunity to reach a level of impossibility in containment…History has shown us those outcomes time after time, with atrocities that can never be erased from our hearts, minds and memories…

The lack of what’s important and what priorities aren’t…have just created a bookmark in the Annals of  “Fallen Empires”…

From sea to shining sea…

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If There’s A Hell Below…We’re All Gonna Go…

At a very young age, my Uncle J.B. introduced me to the music of Curtis Mayfield…all of his songs were catchy in their rhythmic beats and memorable in their striking and sometimes shocking lyrical content…but right on time! His music was, and to this day, extremely riveting because he captured the social consciousness of the times (then and now), with such stunning precision, in thought and execution.

My view today is given after listening to one of Curtis Mayfield’s compositions titled, “(Don’t Worry) If There Is a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go.”  I would encourage you to give it a listen…it will transport you to a place and time of the past, that is very much present and going on TODAY.

If There’s a Hell Below…We’re All Gonna Go…because the Impeachment Trial will never come to fruition in removing the individual posing as the Commander-in-Chief,  who did indeed commit high crimes and misdemeanors, in the Office of President of the United States.  Those who can make a difference to end this dog and pony show insist upon exercising misplaced loyalties…they are members of the Pachyderm Party… They have conveniently forgotten that their loyalties are to the Constitution of the United States, and the people of this country…they have formulated an impenetrable web of lies, along with sinister misdirection and accusations of other constituents which have been openly accepted by enough of the masses to condemn everyone to a life in Hell….

The world will get a bird’s eye view of a country that does not lead by example, but lies, which are Lessons In Evil Substantiated, corruption, and a majority in the Senate using  “divide and conquer” in order to achieve their goal of keeping a mental degenerate in office.

There is no honor in being an elephant in this political climate…They have sold their souls, and any integrity of consciousness, if ever possessed within any one of them, to support a severely damaged, mortal, playing a role that is out of touch with the reality of how the government works in a Democracy…A Democracy that is dead, as long as Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) is supported by the starry-eyed Pachyderm Party.

If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Gonna Go…for doing nothing… for being victims of circumstance…for following blindly…for knowingly participating in the lies…for condemning a country for self-serving gains…for using free-will to oppress and distress…

Lord, what we gonna do,

Tell me what we gonna do

If everything I say is true?

This ain’t no way it ought to be

If only all the mass could see

~Excerpt Lyrics from (Don’t Worry) If There Is A Hell Below, We’re All Going To Go– Curtis Mayfield –  (copyrighted Warner Chappell Music, Inc.)

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