What Happens Now? Where Do We Go From Here?

What Happens Now? Where Do We Go From Here?

We must decide and make a conscious choice on what happens now…and where we go from here as a nation…and as a people.

We have been given a revelation and expose´ of the decay and corruption actively functioning and deteriorating our country in the form of “self-serving” politicians…particularly represented by the GOP.

What happens now? Where do we go from here?

Party ideology and manipulation and their “interpretation” of the laws which govern our country…are damaging and destructive, divisive, and if we aren’t mindful and careful…will end with the downfall of America…

We have witnessed in our country the dangers and cost of “dictatorship” and extremists actions by putting a political party’s interests…before the interests of our nation.

With a country divided…and allowing what America was subjected to during the last administration…with the GOP and their president’s actions “immune” from accountability…it sends the wrong message.

Democracy is destructible…democracy is weak…democracy can be toppled…if democracy can’t enforce accountability.

What is more disheartening is to see how many people are willing to follow those who disrespect and dishonor…and disregard their oaths to America and its citizens…because they have been on the “crumb” receiving end for so long, they will believe and buy into anything…for a chance to be…something.

America and Americans deserve better than what it has been receiving from the political arena for so long…

We must pay attention to what is going on…and what is going on around us…

Especially in our government… when a door is opened to defy democracy…and it is not closed by accountability to those actions…more will feel free to walk through it…eventually leading a path to successful insurrection and sedition.  January 6, 2021 was a warning…and a preview of things to come…if we do not unify behind accountability…especially accountability of the GOP.

Trump unwittingly delivered the truth in exposing the face of our country with his actions and the complicit and selfish actions and dealings of his fellow Republicans…framing the racial divide…economic disparities…and the thread on which our democracy dangles…due to the rampant and blatant corruption, disregard and manipulations of constitutional law and the rule of law…without conscious regard or remorse….

Democracy was not formed for the power of one political party over another…it was born out of bipartisanship—something long, long lost on the GOP…They have set America on a path to failure and doom…by embracing the most dangerous of her flaws…Power…Greed…and Racism.

Self-hatred only serves to destroy…Immigration is self-hatred to anyone in the Republican party who supported Trump’s agenda on Immigration.  Everyone in the Republican Party is an immigrant…or are children of immigrants…How can you condemn what you are?

What kind of people are these who say they are a party of the people?

They are more like a collective of individuals using the guise of a people’s party as their own private vehicle; allowing them to shape and form the country to realize their own self-serving agendas…while “shepherding” their flock of supporters to the slaughter…shouting all the way that it is indeed the other political party responsible for all of the hardship and partisanship visited upon their supporters…to shield and conceal their true intentions, deceptive actions and natures…

Where we go from here…and what we do now is crucial…Again, one cannot just hand over their pearls to swine wherein they will only be trampled and crushed into powder…under their feet…and under their bus…

The American people aren’t deaf…dumb…or blind to what we have been witnessing in America over the decades…especially the last four years…with the exception of those who choose not to face or believe what has been happening around them…

Ask yourselves…How did Fascism and Nazism come about? It didn’t just spring up from the night all of a sudden…Seeds were planted and nurtured…and allowed to thrive and grow…Just as Trumpism was seeded…aided and abetted…nurtured…and allowed by the GOP…to thrive and grow.  Warning…Warning!

What happens now? Where do we go from here?

That depends upon us…

What do we want to happen now?

Where do we go from here?

Accountability…starts with each and every one of us…

What do we want for America?

Who do we want to represent America?

How do we want to represent America?

How do we want to grow America?

What does America mean to you?

Does America reflect…you?

Do You…believe in America?

What happens now?

You…happen now…

Where do we go from here?

You chart the course…You decide…

Your future is calling…

America…is calling…

Her future…

Is your future…

Our here…is Now…..

If There’s A Hell Below…We’re All Gonna Go…

At a very young age, my Uncle J.B. introduced me to the music of Curtis Mayfield…all of his songs were catchy in their rhythmic beats and memorable in their striking and sometimes shocking lyrical content…but right on time! His music was, and to this day, extremely riveting because he captured the social consciousness of the times (then and now), with such stunning precision, in thought and execution.

My view today is given after listening to one of Curtis Mayfield’s compositions titled, “(Don’t Worry) If There Is a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go.”  I would encourage you to give it a listen…it will transport you to a place and time of the past, that is very much present and going on TODAY.

If There’s a Hell Below…We’re All Gonna Go…because the Impeachment Trial will never come to fruition in removing the individual posing as the Commander-in-Chief,  who did indeed commit high crimes and misdemeanors, in the Office of President of the United States.  Those who can make a difference to end this dog and pony show insist upon exercising misplaced loyalties…they are members of the Pachyderm Party… They have conveniently forgotten that their loyalties are to the Constitution of the United States, and the people of this country…they have formulated an impenetrable web of lies, along with sinister misdirection and accusations of other constituents which have been openly accepted by enough of the masses to condemn everyone to a life in Hell….

The world will get a bird’s eye view of a country that does not lead by example, but lies, which are Lessons In Evil Substantiated, corruption, and a majority in the Senate using  “divide and conquer” in order to achieve their goal of keeping a mental degenerate in office.

There is no honor in being an elephant in this political climate…They have sold their souls, and any integrity of consciousness, if ever possessed within any one of them, to support a severely damaged, mortal, playing a role that is out of touch with the reality of how the government works in a Democracy…A Democracy that is dead, as long as Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) is supported by the starry-eyed Pachyderm Party.

If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Gonna Go…for doing nothing… for being victims of circumstance…for following blindly…for knowingly participating in the lies…for condemning a country for self-serving gains…for using free-will to oppress and distress…

Lord, what we gonna do,

Tell me what we gonna do

If everything I say is true?

This ain’t no way it ought to be

If only all the mass could see

~Excerpt Lyrics from (Don’t Worry) If There Is A Hell Below, We’re All Going To Go– Curtis Mayfield –  (copyrighted Warner Chappell Music, Inc.)

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