Mothers Are The Salt Of The Earth…..

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Mothers Are The Salt Of The Earth…..

Mom - Maine 2013 (3).JPGMy mother transitioned from earth on March 17, 2016…Yes, today is Mother’s Day, yet there isn’t a day that passes that she isn’t missed!  Mothers are special.  And if yours is still here and with you, remember to let her know how much you love her…let her know how much she means to you…forget the disagreements and the mother’s love that can sometimes be too much! Never forget that moms are people too… They make mistakes…they’re not perfect…and you can teach and learn from each other.

Mothers are the glue that ultimately holds our lives together…until we can put ourselves together, recalling our moms’ wisdom and guidance.  Don’t wait for a day once in a year to show your appreciation…love…thanks…and admiration.  Mothers are the salt of the earth…

I miss my mother. While she lives on in my heart and in my memories…there’s nothing that compares to picking up a phone to hear her voice on the other end…or driving over to see her face to face…

God’s Love to mothers everywhere! Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and kisses, Mom…


2018…What Will This New Year Bring?

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2018…What Will This New Year Bring?

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If we are what we eat…are we what we think? What are your thoughts for this first day of the New Year? Are they good? Bad? Indifferent? Are they chilly, cold, detached, like the present weather conditions we are now experiencing?  Thoughts are things…thoughts can manifest…What will this New Year bring?  What will we manifest in 2018?

This is the first day of bringing forth our best thoughts, words and deeds.  This is the beginning of us manifesting our greatest good…our “best” selves.  In this year of 2018, we must rise above anything and anyone who challenges the evolution of our greater good into our best!

You hold the power of change…you hold the power to create what will be around you…place your canvas before you, and build a New Year which will transform future generations for the betterment of humanity!

What will this New Year bring?

That is entirely up to YOU!

Welcome to 2018…take the helm…..

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New Year’s Eve 2017…Time For Another Year-End Clearance…

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New Year’s Eve 2017…Time For Another Year-End Clearance…

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Here we are again…another year ending.  Time for reflection. Time for the yearly recap…Time for another year-end clearance.  Every December 31st the ritual begins.  Out with the old, in with the new…the new…the new.  Is it really going to be a new year? Or just a rehashing of the old year brought into the New Year?

Looking back on the year 2017, and remembering some of my adventures on my journey through the past twelve months, I recall an incident which occurred on December 5th.  A co-worker instigated what was called later, a “verbal altercation.”

The saddest part of what I witnessed was that the person he approached was blamed for the incident he escalated due to his agitation, lack of focus and insensitivity to their feelings.  It came out later that he was indeed not on the same page as the person had told him.  I watched him become increasingly defensive when that was brought to his attention.

I watched as this young man rallied his coworkers to defend his behavior.  They did, painting him as the victim and the other person as the abrasive and loud perpetrator who attacked and embarrassed him, without reason.

The crowning blow of this travesty was their director.  She never asked the person who was really the victim their side of the story.  The true victim sent an email to the director saying that she had a conversation with the young man, there seemed to be some confusion, and asked to discuss the incident with her… The director ignored her email and approached the young man who initiated the “verbal altercation”, the coworkers, and others, outside of the department, never once approaching the recipient of the young man’s agitation and escalation, and began to build a “stereo-typical” event of character displays always present, in people of color.

The young man, who is a supervisor, had a conversation with me and disclosed that he was under a lot of pressure and overwhelmed by his duties, and didn’t have time for much else, which distressed him.  He admitted to me that he wasn’t on the same page as the coworker he confronted, however, there were things that were mentioned by the person, like their job description, which he felt was inappropriate.  He had mentioned his job description and saw nothing wrong with it, but found fault with his coworker using it to clarify a job duty in their “conversation.”

The coworker, who was going to resign due to lack of work next year, tendered their resignation after a meeting with the director, who would not listen to the employee’s story of what happened, and started to ‘create justifications’ involving the person as changes in their behavior!

The person who resigned was a person of color, and an older female.  The young man involved was not a person of color.  This story is detrimental to our year-end clearance…

My credentials include being a Legal Redress Chair for the NAACP, and a Board Member of the ACLU. As such, my training has given me specific criteria in determining human and civil rights violations.  I also witnessed in this workplace, a female coworker, not of color, create dissention between her and several coworkers and a director of an adjoining department, and she was given the benefit of the doubt, and mentored by the same director who shutout the older female person of color, until the director of the adjoining department barred this employee from working on any projects from her department, shutting down the workflow to the offensive employee.

This incident culminated last December 2016.  The director gave the disruptive employee time to look for another job, keeping her through Christmas, and when she found a job in early January 2017, she allowed the employee to resign, rather than being fired.

The employee of color resigned on December 7th, two days after the alleged verbal altercation she was named as having instigated, without any support from her director or her “team” which she  faithfully supported.

Out with the old…in with the new.  If we do not examine ourselves and truly work on real change, by changing the old which define our actions, as well as ourselves…new years will never be new…just rehashing the old, destructive elements which divide and conquer humanity; laying waste to any possibilities of peace on earth…goodwill toward all…and a planet attempting to heal from ongoing wars and the constant onslaught of depletion and pollution of her resources.

Clear out the old…this is the moment of your “year-end clearance.” Hold back nothing.  Clean the slate, don’t just “clear it.” Be true to yourself and work on breaking old habits and destructive beliefs, and work on and welcome change… Until we genuinely work on ridding our hearts, minds and spirits of that which “steals, kills and destroys,” new years will come and go without much more than ritual fanfare…without much hope…with ongoing excessive, old baggage being rearranged under the guise of “new.”

Walk into the New Year…don’t trip into it…don’t fall into it…your year-end clearance is now…Tomorrow is a new year, Embrace it with a renewed you! It all begins with you…

On second thought, JUMP!!!

God has given all of us the gift of free-will…with free-will, we can create…Let us create a new future, beginning with this new year…

Peace…Love…Change…Brotherhood of Humanity…Protect our Planet…we are ready…we are receptive…

Enter, 2018…we are NEW, we welcome you!!!

God Bless us all…everyone and everything which gives us the ability to be Bringers of Light and Change…and Love.


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Peace On Earth…Goodwill Towards Men…

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Peace On Earth…Goodwill Towards Men…

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Christmas Day, December 25, 2017…What does it mean, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men?” In all of Christmases past, have we ever practiced the true meaning of these words? Why is it only a phase that comes out but once a year?  Why isn’t it goodwill towards every human being on earth; men, women and children alike? Can we also extend this goodwill and peace toward our planet and all living things supporting life in any capacity of betterment?

We must return to the message and the purpose which gave birth to this phrase….Peace on Earth…Goodwill towards men…

How far have we ventured away from any possibility of Peace? From Goodwill towards anyone, including ourselves? Do we know who we are…where

we’ve been and where we’re going?  Have we gained any insights at all into our connectivity to one another? Goodwill towards men…

Rediscover compassion…love…brother and sisterhood…humanity…peace…goodwill…environment… Mother Earth….

Father Time is ticking…will this be our last Christmas to understand? Putting off tomorrow what needs to be practiced today…is having its consequence.

Give with all of your heart and soul…Love…Peace…Goodwill, to everyone and preserve our home…our Earth.  Christmas Day, December 2018, hangs in the balance.  Everything begins with you.

Peace on Earth…Goodwill Towards All!

Merry Christmas, Baby.

Reflections On The Fourth of July…and America.

Source: Reflections On The Fourth of July…and America.

Reflections On The Fourth of July…and America.

20170704_213018_resized20170704_205357_resizedAs I sat in the stadium on the 4th of July taking in the festivities and the grand array of diversity in people all around me, I marveled in bittersweet thoughts, at how we could be so immersed in celebrating our country’s independence with such joy and camaraderie…yet be so divided at other moments in

time by racism…hatred…bigotry…discrimination…politics…Yet, here we were, a beautiful cross sectional percentage of our country’s population…sitting in a city stadium…listening to band music…enjoying each other, the food offerings and other amusements, while waiting for darkness to fall, to pay homage to our country’s independence in a spectacular display of fireworks!

Then politics crept in…”Taxation without representation!” A resentment which gave rise to the American Revolution…

“This country with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it.  Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.”

“Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail.  Without it, nothing can succeed.” 

“Stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong.”

These are all “food for thought” quotes from Abraham Lincoln… Quotes appropriate to “Independence Day.”  Which leads to another tidbit of thought…”Are we independent?”

The present party of Lincoln cannot and will not fully consider the message of the last quote above because their main objective is and always has been to have control and power at any cost…and right at this moment, they hold the most points toward singlehandedly running our country into the ground, in their blindness to hold onto power…and control.

The Democrats are no better… Corruption has diseased both camps and the ultimate outcome for America is doom, downfall and disintegration…Nations without virtue are condemned to die a horrific death.

Can we the people snap out of the “mesmer” long enough to disable this mechanism of American Genocide?! When will it be recognized that this nation can pull the plug on “Trumpocide?”

Much sooner than later, all of the countries of the world will turn their backs and walk away from a nation that was once a true force and source of strength, power and reckoning to those who threatened freedom and human rights…

Now we risk becoming the worst of adversaries by using education to school in the art of skillful deception and slight of tongue…to manipulate and fool the masses, as we implode from within, and sharpen our new image as the “king’s court of jesters” by parading an “Ambassador of Fools” around the globe as the leader of the “free world!”

Taxation without representation…we are and have been heavily taxed for so long…without representation.

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Independence Day…Let’s all sit back and watch the fireworks.


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