Reignite The Dream…

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Can we reignite the dream? Today was a celebration of the man who had a dream…Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He was assassinated in his quest to realize a dream of equality for Americans of African descent by peacefully removing the manacles and chains of segregation and discrimination.

How many decades backward have we traveled with the present pachyderm infestation immobilizing our country?

We must Reignite The Dream…

Today, Martin Luther King, Jr. must become more than just a celebration and memorial dedicated to a third Monday in January… it must become a day of continued movement in the realization of his dream, and a new freedom march in reclaiming and rebuilding a country with a stronger foundation built on, and living the words of “Liberty and Justice for all.”

We must Reignite The Dream…

Martin Luther King Jr. stood for Equality…and he was a man of integrity…

Kellyanne Conway… Martin Luther King, Jr. would have stood up for Trump’s Impeachment… You didn’t know him at all…Read his “I Have A Dream” speech…the time for enlightenment is ever-present…

We will Reignite The Dream….

To those who have ears to hear and eyes to see…March On, Reignite The Dream!!!


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January 2020
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