The Importance of Harry…

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The Importance of Harry…

Buckingham Palace unwittingly made a bold statement when this picture was released to the public…it declared the Queen’s direct successors to the throne…portraying that Harry was no longer “the spare” as he was once labeled in the press upon his birth, 35 years ago…

There should be no surprise, shock or anger about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex making their announcement to step back from their duties as Senior Royals… The Importance of Harry…is Change.

Change is not the enemy…Change is inevitable…Change is the continuity of life…Change must be accepted without the heaviness of tradition and formality, which only serve to stagnate, arrest and stifle the light of change…Harry has been enduring the struggles and path of his life under the burden of a traumatic childhood tragedy, with a constant trigger ever-present in his life, as a very visible royal…

As sixth in line to the British Throne, shouldn’t Harry be allowed to have a life with his family outside of the rigorous life of a senior royal as he has chosen per announcement?  It is time for a change within the Monarchy of the Royal Family to implement a decree to permit those not in direct line of ascension, to live their lives, and respectfully provide for their lives, independently, as is the present and requested goal of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex….

The importance of Harry is the love and welfare of his family, which has become his importance…and the meaning of his life…The Universe has a way of bringing hearts together for a purpose…Harry has found his love…his family…and his purpose…allow him to live it.  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, each, are their own person…together, they are catalysts of change…We are bearing witness to…

…the importance of Harry…Long live the Change!!!

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