Happy New Year! 2020 is Here….

via Happy New Year! 2020 is Here….


Happy New Year! 2020 is Here….

2020 is here…and so are you! A new decade is beginning, not just a new year…You are here and now at the start of a new decade…a collection of ten chapters…or volumes…or a continuum of living without much variation.

The Roaring Twenties represented an era of change and growth which brought about dramatic social and political change, gigantic leaps forward for women and their freedom, The Harlem Renaissance, Bessie Coleman, the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, the heyday of Jazz, Flappers, economic growth and widespread prosperity, science and technological advances and discoveries, and of course, the Stock Market Crash of 1929…. 

2020 is here…what strides will be made in the twenties decade of  the 21st Century? What can you do to be a part of that change and growth which will surely impact the staying power…or the demise of a nation? Will you champion the virtue of truth? Or the decay of lies….

2020 is here…and it beckons you to be the best of who you are…

2020 is here…and it challenges you to become change and growth, to bring about dramatic social and political change…to create and bring about gigantic leaps forward for women and their freedom…to breakthrough with a renaissance that propels the populace out of darkness and once again…into the light of wisdom, humanity and enlightenment….

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January 2020
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