Six Days Into 2020…War On The Horizon?

Six days into 2020…War on the horizon? How did we get here?! This isn’t the way to begin a New Year… People everywhere deserve time to reflect and to be, when a new year begins…It is written that God created all that we know…all that we are…and all that we will be…in 6 days.  On the 7th day, He rested…

Life will never rest as long as there are those who persist in making war a way of life! Peace will never prevail if those of darkness are chosen to reign and spread terror upon the innocent by cloaking their actions under the guise of good…such as the “one” rearranging America to his benefit, with the blind assistance of his minions…

Six days into 2020…war on the horizon…is this where we want to be?  Six days into the new year…our day of destruction may lay in the seventh…

 It’s time to make that change…or there may never be a day of  rest again….

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January 2020
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