End of June…July…Independence?

June ended taking away an independence for women of their privacy and the freedom to choose and decide how their lives and health would be affected revolving around pregnancy with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

June couldn’t have ended on a more devastating and backward act of stifling progress and the realization that life in America confirms that humans are not the most intelligent life in the universe… From the Hill to the population…

July brings in Independence Day…

How can Independence Day bring about celebration in a country that suppresses…oppresses…deprives its constituents of basic human rights…and destroys progress by sending women’s privacy and health back to the dark ages…while suppressing and changing voting rights that stack the deck against the practice and meaning of democracy?

What population cohesiveness will July bring forth?

The use of “cohesiveness” is with hope…

America has been flying divided for far too long…

Are we witnessing the fall of yet another country that has taken advantage of the sovereignty entrusted to it?

When will the American people exercise their independence and stand up to those who have shackled their freedoms with endless lies and manipulations–the majority of the GOP? Democrats are losing ground because they continue to believe that the Republicans will engage in bipartisan politics…someday…and they refuse to fight fire with fire…Huge mistake! All the while they are playing this docile game, the “united states” continues to drift into the great divide.

Meanwhile….The political slavery of Trump’s specter and his GOP constituents continues to haunt…dismantle…weaken, dissolve and cripple democracy which threatens to reduce America to hell on earth…and plummet hard won freedoms into oblivion…such as Roe v. Wade…and the right to vote, a cornerstone of American Democracy.

Our “Independence Day” will come when everyone truly understands the meaning of independence…and how it cannot be severed and conditional to human rights…by marginalizing freedom…free-will…and the right to be your own person…

The practice of these oppressive acts are quite contrary to Independence Day…


Juneteenth…in June…

Independence Day…in July…

Both are one in the illusive pursuit of…Freedom…

What will July expose?

We will find out…

July is here…

Stand up…

Another battle for independence has arrived….

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