Earth Day…

Earth sustains and nurtures life in all its forms every day of the year….

One day is dedicated to Earth each year…

What if Earth decided to limit her resources to humanity and the plant and animal kingdoms for one day out of the year? Where would life be?

So why are we so bent on honoring the planet for one day…while continuing to destroy it the other 364 or in the case of Leap Year, 365 days?

Without the Earth, humanity could not survive…all life as we know it would cease to exist.

It is time to stop fooling ourselves into believing that the planet is limitless in its supply…and do whatever we can to make sure that we have a place to live… As it stands now…we will all be “homeless” in a handful of years…not decades…years. War destroys…taking lives and contaminating the planet, yet, “rationalization” delays putting an end to those who callously disrupt the flow of life that Earth provides.

On this Earth Day…vow to make the preservation and restoration of the planet a mission…everyday of your life…

Where would we be without the beauty and the incredible wonders of our planet?

The forests…the trees…the rivers…streams…lakes…oceans?




Give back…

Save the planet…

Our lives depend on it.

Happy Earth Day….

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