April…A Month of Future Fools and Folly?

Let’s take a deep breath and enter into April…

So much has happened that was not expected or anticipated…After weathering a pandemic for the past two years it was with the greatest hope and excitement that 2022 was welcomed in as a New Year of promise and release from a still hovering, roller coaster virus that is clearly here to stay…and while mandates are being lifted…we may well see surges now and again.

February left the world witnessing War…a war that was started by deception to regain archaic ideals of empire building by Putin and the Russia he has molded by fear, suppression and propaganda.  Make no mistake about it, this is WWIII…While the world has responded by sanctions and remaining neutral as far as physically sending troops to enter Ukraine, the country under siege, people around the world are experiencing the effects…it has been shown to us…how we are all connected by the folly of others…and the response to alleviate and contain the damage caused by unbridled madness and delusion…There will be more physical involvement before this egregious and horrific act of war is contained and brought to closure…

March concludes…as the world is trying to seek some normalcy in the viewing of a celebration of those in the movie industry recognizing those who delivered stellar bodies of creative work… in keeping the world entertained while offering avenues of gratifying escape…there was a shocking display of violence with a slap witnessed around the world…by an actor who took every ounce of wind out of the sails of fans and colleagues alike…in the blink of an eye, negating the entire theme of the evening…celebration…  Overshadowing a historic collection of moments into one dastardly moment which now defines the 94th Academy Awards…

April 1, 2022…Entered as “April Fools Day.”

Let us hope that the month that comes in as a day of fools…does not end up being a month of fools and devastating folly…

a day

April 2022
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