Love…And Evil…

Love…And Evil…

How ironic is it that Putin and Hitler were both born under astrological signs that are ruled by Venus…and they are the direct opposite of what Venus represents…Love.

What atrocities these individuals so casually commit and have committed…murdering men, women and children…creating non-existent scenarios in order to do so…Putin is and Hitler was the spawn of evil…what is even more horrific are those who carry out the task of murder…and those who support such hideously evil energy posing as “human beings.”

The world watches as history repeats itself in the 21st Century…where humanity is supposed to be civilized and humane…

Here is the ultimate question for those who believe they are sparing the world from a nuclear war…Do you know what Love is?

Is it watching hundreds of thousands of innocent people being forced from their homes and murdered by a tyrant who hides behind a fortress while committing mass genocide under the threat of his nuclear arsenal if anyone steps in to stop him?

He is a master of lies and deception…and he is a pro at playing human weakness…

Putin is afraid to die…All of his posturing should be a clear indication of that…If he wasn’t afraid to die, he would be out on the battlefield with his “foot-soldiers.”

He would not be trying to recreate an imperialistic Russia, if he could not lead it…To stop a tyrant…you must take away what he holds dear: His dream of conquest.

There will never be peace in the world as long as tyrants exist…

We cannot profess to know what love is if we are not willing to lay down our lives for the lives of those who want the same things we want…Peace and Freedom.  Peace and Freedom are not commodities or bargaining chips…they are human rights…to be protected at any price…

Predictability of human nature and the element of fear keeps people paralyzed and enslaved…At this moment, Putin has achieved this road to forge ahead with his diabolical behavior and actions…He must be stopped…if he isn’t…the world will become his oyster….

The pandemic was also a hint to the world…while millions were overcome by the virus…most of the population still survived…

The strategic handling of entering into war…will yield survivors…it is time for boots to the ground… Ukraine is just the beginning… if actions are not taken now to end this horrific and shameful ruse…other countries will fall victims…including those countries who view themselves as “world powers.”

Every hour of everyday…we are…each and every one of us… are being called to our purpose…which is much higher than our quests of our material lives…

The evil of Corruption changes everything it touches…including human perceptions of “Love.”

We are constantly given views into massively corrupt versions of Love…in the form of its opposite…Evil.

Love is far more than the human definitions of “love.”

“An intense feeling of deep affection.”

“A great interest and pleasure in something.”

“Like or enjoy very much.”

“Attraction based on sexual desire: affection based on admiration, benevolence or common interests.”

“The fatherly concern of God for humankind.”

“Brotherly concern for others.”

These are just a few…

The real scope and power of love is still a mystery to humanity…perhaps the closest comprehension of love was demonstrated and spoke of in biblical terms…to lay down your life for the life of another…as a life was given for the salvation of humankind…

There have been those who have…and there are those who do it still…we are viewing it in Ukraine…however, we must do more than just view it…we must become a part of their salvation…their salvation is also our salvation…Peace will not prevail until the evil is laid to rest…

If fear cannot or will not be overcome…Peace and freedom are doomed to be no more….

Love is not an emotion…it is much more powerful than our perception of it…

Venus…Who said it was the planet of Love?

The Romans named it after their Goddess of Love…

After viewing the horrific evil and corruption of two dictatorial tyrants born under a “ruler planet of love and beauty”…it brings the realness of the ageless battle of “good and evil” to the forefront of our human existence…Nothing is as it appears to be…without eyes to see…and ears to hear…humanity becomes nothing more than sheep being led to slaughter.

The “Good Shepherd” is Love and Truth…

If we cannot lay down our lives for love and truth…We are indeed lost…

How many times must history repeat itself to grasp this invaluable lesson of humanity’s salvation and survival?

We cannot wait for “time” to tell….

The time is now….

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