Good Friday…

Today is the day observed as the day of the Crucifixion…Good Friday.

The day was reflective of the occasion….It was cold…overcast…winds whipping around corners…a snowflake or two…

One could almost say the weather was an indication of the somber event which took place a few millennium ago.

While marking the end of Lent for Christians and the 40-day fast…Christ was arrested and executed…giving his life out of love for humanity…remembered as Holy Friday…or God’s Friday….giving way to “Good Friday.”

Love…All in the name of Love…

This sacrifice for the sake of the sins of humanity…as well as His love for human kind…should give us all the more reason to love one another…

If Christ suffered and died for the sins of the world…can’t we embrace and practice the simplicity of Love?

The signs are everywhere…beginning with Good Friday….

To everything…there is a time and a season….

This is the time and season to reacquaint yourself with Love…..

All of Heaven is watching…

Let not this great sacrifice go unnoticed…

Reaffirm with God’s Friday…

Remember…and Be Blessed!

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