To Unlearn Hate…

Had my brother Stanley lived…today would have been his birthday…

He was killed by police while visiting relatives in Louisiana…away from his California home. He would have been 68.

I wonder, “What will it take to unlearn hate?” How can those who have come to believe that anyone who does not look like them… cannot have the same rights to life as they do? Self-appointed judges over others…will come to be judged themselves…it is Universal Law…of which there is no escape.

Another young, Black life was taken over the weekend…Daunte Wright…20 years on this earth…ended in a single gunshot. The officer said she meant to “taze” him. Why? A gun mistaken for a Taser…How could a mistake like that be made? Perhaps if violent police reactions were checked before being carried out…more lives of color would be spared…but first, they must unlearn hate…

The stereotypes…myths…resentments and hatreds must be confronted and laid to rest. The need to end Black lives by police must be addressed and given the tools necessary to bring about change and equality in the treatment of people of color.

There was no need for violence against Daunte Wright…Violence isn’t the road to compliance. It is often the road to ending a life. And ten times out of ten it is the life of the Black suspect. Justified by magnifying the victim as having an unsavory lifestyle…such as drugs…or a previous conviction record…and what of those who have no prior convictions? Something is always produced as justification for taking their lives. Mainly, for being Black.

A 26-year police veteran can’t tell the difference between a Gun and a Taser? This is going to be a long road…a chaotic road…a solemn road…whatever road is traveled…Justice…must come at the end of that road.

America is walking backward…

To Unlearn Hate…can take a lifetime…and then some…however, we must start somewhere…and it must start TODAY.

To wait until tomorrow…will be too late.

Our country can’t afford to wait…

To unlearn hate….

a day

April 2021
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