A Stark Reminder…Time To Step Up…

I first wrote this post to Facebook on February 21, 2017…It has served to be a continuing prophecy to date. I am reposting it here to remind everyone that we must be vigilant…and we must unify…making the necessary changes to truly make America great and remove the toxic waste from the White House by sending a Blue Tsunami…read on…

”Today is a new day with a very real, realization…life has changed, and will continue to change with each passing day…our lives as we know them to be are in “dismantle mode” by the present regime that has taken over our nation’s capital and seeks to destroy and deprive us of our hard-won freedoms and humanity, while desecrating and negating the Constitution which created a path to the dream of America…It is by no means perfect, and it is in desperate need of an overhaul…but not by a deranged and soulless dilettante who fancies himself a leader, followed by a legion of mindless vessels, all too willing to do his bidding; while nipping at his heels to be favored for a chance to claim fifteen minutes of fame to push forth their own mad agendas in wreaking more chaos and havoc upon our country, and the world.

We must continue moving forward in unity…ever vigilant in keeping America the “land of the free…and the home of the brave.” We must never again cast our pearls before swine…believing that they will handle them with care and value their worth…every individual with a conscience and a heart are one of those pearls being trampled beneath the feet of the swine disrupting democracy while threatening to further pollute and assist the global deterioration of our home and planet…

Our greatness is our ability to be our best at our worst times…isolation is our enemy, and abandonment to those suffering in the world due to man’s inhumanity to man…leads us to abandon ourselves, if we abandon those who are suffering due to ignorance and self-aggrandizement by those among us who care not for the value of life…nor the privilege of choice, in doing the right thing, and championing Truth, then we are no better than they are, because in the end, Truth is our only salvation.

”Lies” are “Lessons In Evil Substantiated.” Let us not continue to substantiate the endless ocean of lies coming from the present Republican administration in support of their “Master of Lies.” Many of them have placed the “power and control” of their Party before the Nation and the People they swore an oath of allegiance to protect and serve…

Seeds of lies and corruption will never bear honest, robust fruit.  Never, ever let anyone convince you that you will survive by partaking of “rotten anything,” as you will surely perish!

Together…from town to town…city to city…state to state…country to country…around the world, continue to stand in solidarity and RESIST…at each and every given opportunity…and create opportunity to proclaim:

You will honor We the People…You will bend to the Will of the People…or You will fall under our sword, as we believe and practice Truth…Freedom…Justice…Liberty…Human Rights…and any individual’s right to “be”…We will take up our armor of Morals…Values…Commandments…Freedom of Speech…and the Constitution of our Nation…and we will wield the Sword stained with the blood and dignity of our Forefathers…our Ancestors…our Veterans…our Mothers…Fathers…Sisters…Brothers…our Children…all Sacrificial Lambs fallen by insurgents, prejudices, discriminations, bigotry…hatred…and we will defeat you! We are the real and true Spirit and Heart of America…who were one-time Immigrants…and Slaves, who built this country…and WE are bent on healing the wounds and ceasing the pain caused by those who were here before us, and those who may come after us…We Will RESIST the tyranny of ANY person, place or thing, because WE are the RESISTANCE. We the People, in all of our diversity, the fabric of America, and we…will not stand for your virulent branding of “45” upon our Chests…Arms…Wrists…Backs…Foreheads…or Minds…Not today…not ever! “Never Again!!!!”

Since this February 21, 2017 posting, our country has endured an administration of doom…and our country is on the brink of chaotic collapse… We the People must unify…or die. Our country and our nation of dreams has called us into battle…Her salvation and future…is in OUR hands.

Time to Step Up…

Dump Trump…


Time to clean house…

Down with Destroyer Donald Trump (DDT)

Demonic Donald Trump (DDT)

Remember DDT and Agent Orange? Poison…

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  1. เบอร์สวยมงคล
    Aug 23, 2020 @ 17:34:43

    Thanks for fantastic info I was looking for this info for my mission.



  2. กรองหน้ากากอนามัย
    Aug 23, 2020 @ 17:33:33

    I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon everyday.



  3. ทิชชู่เปียกแอลกอฮอล์
    Aug 23, 2020 @ 17:32:18

    I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon everyday.



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