19 Days Later…Here We Are…Again!

Flag Day…19 days later…

Something is extremely wrong with this picture…19 days after the murder in Minnesota of George Floyd, by a police officer, as three of his colleagues stood by and callously watched; we witness another murder of a young Black man, Rayshard Brooks, 27, in Atlanta, Georgia, by a police officer…Rayshard was shot twice in the back, as he was running away from two police officers, trying to arrest him…

Shot…twice in the back…running away from them…unarmed. My brother…all over again!!! How many more Black lives will be taken before police reform is initiated across America, and Racism is dismantled
in the hearts and minds of those who look upon people of color…as less than human…when the origin of life of every human being on this planet…began and came out of Africa! One race…which calls itself the human race…originated in Africa…again, I say it!!!

Can one wipe out the life from which they came?! Can one tear out the heart of their mother? Can one take away the breath of another…because they don’t know their brother or sister…because your brother and sister don’t look like you? Behold the hearts and minds entrenched and indoctrinated and immersed in Racism…

This evil that is embraced and continually taught to generations…will put an end to all human life…before change can be initiated, accepted and implemented…this horrific legacy must be eradicated now…or future generations will be destroyed before they have the opportunity to live in peace and freedom…regardless of whom does or doesn’t look like whom…

Start teaching “humanity” instead of racism… Feed your children…and your children’s children about the beauty of diversity…with love and appreciation of the fact that all people…especially people who don’t look like you…deserve life…and the breath of life….

Teach them that we are all one race of people…that we are all related to one another…and when a Black man or woman is felled by policemen’s bullets and brutality…or by a private citizen who believes they are privileged and above the law for doing the same thing…remind them…that they have taken someone related to them…that they have released a mother’s cry to forever be reverberated throughout the heavens with a pain that can never be imagined… that their hatred and racism has torn another gaping hole in the fabric of humanity…then imagine…if the world were different…and it was your child…and they faced the same fate…because of the color of their skin…Just imagine… Look back at this country’s history of Black America…What if…You were Black America???

It only takes a moment to change your heart…to commit to change centuries of inequality and injustice…look in the mirror…and begin…with your next breath…

This country can not afford another 19 days from June 12th in Atlanta…for another son or daughter of color to be murdered in the name of racism…and police misconduct.

America is hanging…by a thread…a thread called Racism….

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  1. เบอร์สวยมงคล
    Jun 25, 2020 @ 03:03:05

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    • alphaenlight
      Jun 25, 2020 @ 22:28:37

      Thank you so much! I am happy to know that you enjoy the posts! I thank you for your comments. Please continue to drop by, I appreciate it very much! I also enjoy reading your comments.



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    Jun 25, 2020 @ 03:02:24

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    Jun 25, 2020 @ 03:00:26

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