What Do You Think?

More and more… life around us is becoming more strange and chaotic…

It raises questions on where we are in our evolving process…Are we moving forward or backward?

Throughout human evolution life has been nothing more than a game of Chess…Everybody wants to rule the world….why? Can’t people learn to live in peace?

There was an episode of The X-Files where Mulder came in contact with a genie. After 500 years of granting wishes, she has concluded that people are still greedy and self-centered as they always have been…so, she begins to corrupt the wishes granted if they are not “specific” enough in what they want.

She grants Mulder three wishes…he asks for world peace. He goes outside and realizes that there are no people! He questioned the genie and she tells him that he wished for world peace…that’s when Mulder realized that “people” are the problem that creates the chaos that disrupts the world being peaceful…and in order to have his remaining wishes granted, he must be specific to the degree that the wish cannot have any possibility of being distorted or corrupt. He asked the genie what she would wish for…if she could…after she told him…he wished it for her…it was his last wish…because he asked her to undo his first wish…

What Do You Think?

The trouble with people…are people…if people allow people to be the problem…

Do you ever wonder what peace on earth would be like if humanity could evolve beyond the darkness of chaos and world domination?

You don’t need to wonder…you don’t need a genie…

Peace begins…and ends…with you….

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