Who’s Soft On Crime? The GOP…

The “Elephants” in the room are really the problem…

They will be the straw that breaks America’s back…

People are subjected to the same “wool” everywhere around the world…Just look at Ginni Thomas…Her husband is Clarence Thomas…yes, the Supreme Court Justice Thomas…she wasn’t and isn’t afraid to take her swipe at destroying democracy by taking an active part in the escalating of the insurrection at the Capitol building on January 6, 2021.  Who knows what other treasonous acts this wife of a Supreme Court Justice has been involved in…Makes one wonder about the impartiality and integrity her husband exercises on the bench…

Anyone and everyone watching, reading or receiving news about the confirmation hearings of nominee, Ketanji Brown Johnson and the questions and behaviors of the Republican senators on the panel, namely, Cruz, Hawley and Graham, received a clear view of the tone that continues to divide our country…and if you were looking and listening closely, you received real insight into who is really “soft on crime.”

America must not forget what was witnessed by the GOP and their defense of Master Criminal, Donald Trump. Now, who’s soft on crime?

What’s more, many GOP members supported and still promote the January 6th insurrection of 2021…and believe that those involved in the attempt to overthrow democracy, should not be jailed or prosecuted. Who’s soft on crime?

Highly treasonous events were coddled and dismissed by the majority of the GOP, led by Mitch McConnell.

The female Supreme Justices now sitting on the high court were never subjected to such treatment received by Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Johnson.  Hawley, Cruz and Graham and their pack continue to show citizens and the world how entrenched the racist divide extends itself, and is the true underbelly of the GOP.  Ms. Ketanji Brown Johnson is a highly educated, highly qualified individual who just happens to be Black…and Female…Yet she was subjected to such manufactured and egregiously spawned character insinuations because?!

The Republican Party needs to be dismantled to free the country of their archaic beliefs and practices which will remind them of the true core and values of democracy and bi-partisan politics.  They do not endorse racist or supremacists views or practices. These views and practices negate the meaning of Equality…Liberty…Freedom…Peace…the core foundation of Democracy…along with government by and for all people…not a few…or a chosen handful….

Democrats are by no means perfect…however, they stand closer to Democracy than the GOP…

This Party division has spilled over into the population creating a steady and downward spiral that our country may never recovery from…if we, the people, don’t remember that we are not on opposite sides of Liberty…Freedom…Equality…Peace…we must remember that it is the citizens who suffer the collateral damage of political mistakes and politicians…not the politicians. 

If politicians can’t come together for the good of the country and its citizens…then we the people must unify and show them what bipartisan really means…it is the willingness and coming together in compromise for the benefit of the many…for the benefit of all.

How is GOP politics affecting our country?

Evan Neumann from California, was charged in connection with the January 6, 2021 insurrection on the Capitol building.  He fled to Ukraine…then crossed the border into Belarus because he worried about Ukrainian authorities watching him.

He was granted asylum by Belarus, a Russian ally, for “political prosecution.” In truth, he is a fugitive from justice…a coward.  Runners who avoid and will not stand up to accountability for treasonous and destructive actions have been given prime examples by the GOP and their defense of Donald Trump and his playbook promoting chaos.

Neumann committed acts of violence which included an assault on two police officers, destroying government property at the Capitol building with a metal barrier, amounting to 6 counts against him…He went on state television in Belarus saying that he found the accusations very upsetting, especially the accusations of his hitting a police officer, calling it “baseless.”  He also went on to say, “I do not believe that I have committed any crime.” Sounds chillingly familiar…

If that were true, why run? Why not stand and produce proof of your innocence?

Because bullies and cowards always run or deny any crimes they have committed or been involved in creating…aiding or abetting.  And to run to seek asylum in the country of a Russian ally? Belarus supports Russia’s manufactured attack upon Ukraine, and Belarus has no extradition treaty with the US.

Neumann has become a willing, American pawn for propaganda against the United States.

Thank the GOP for being soft on crime…They supported Trump’s divisiveness and attempted dismantling of democracy to the point where he weakened America in the eyes of the world and encroaching nations…Had they voted to impeach their “leader” the first time around…there never would have been a January 6, 2021 insurrection at the Capitol building…now a stain on America.

The GOP has opened another door which gives American terrorists who revolt against our democracy to flee to countries who view America as a threat to their oppressive and archaic ideologies…becoming useful tools of propaganda for the host countries…whereby joining you to beat you… 

The GOP had two opportunities to be tough on crime…and they retreated both times…abandoning their country and their duties by failing to uphold their allegiances to defend the country and the Constitution…willingly…choosing party over country…to choose your party is choosing yourself…your interests…which speaks volumes about character….

It is crystal clear that the GOP would sell America down the river…and they have…in a huge way which has cast a shadow on American politics forever…

The saddest and most sinister element left behind all their actions are those people who continue to blindly follow and support them…condemning America to a place of no return…if they refuse to save their “sight.”

Don’t be fooled by theatrics and sleight of hand…GOP politics contain both…Sound like Putin?

Same energy…same objective… with the cover of “party politics.”

Look behind the masks…

The truth will set you free…

Not the GOP…

What they conjure up and serve up to the American people continually threatens the fabric of Democracy…


And ultimately…


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