The Monotony of Madness…

Here we are…the 11th month of the year…one month away from the close of another twelve months. Where are we? Step away from your life for one moment and ponder the thought, “Where are we?” How far has America progressed in the course of this year? Have we made any strides toward unifying the ocean of divide that runs through the cracks, fissures and gorges left behind by those sworn to rebuild and revitalize a country still riddled by the monotony of madness they created and continue to cultivate?

It is crucial that our structure of government and politicians past and present be carefully and meticulously scrutinized and held to accountability…unless their monotony of madness has become the American way of life, and living marginally is acceptable!

Late night hosts make jokes…

People are caught up in rebellion and protests about their “rights”…while Covid continues to find them…and lay “their rights” to rest…permanently.

The surge of weather changes which people in denial continue to relay as “normal changes which occur every 100 years” are swept away by floods, waves, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other dire demonstrations of nature…caused by man’s interference…resulting in climate change…which is well on it’s way to restructuring the planet…and human life.

Where does that leave us?

Stuck…in the Monotony of Madness….

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