Christmas Eve 2021…

On the Eve of Christmas 2020, we looked forward to Christmas Eve 2021…Here we are…still following us is the ever mutating coronavirus…repeating its presence with isolation…climbing infection counts…travel cancellations…and disappointment…causing defiance of protocols and small gatherings…

To beat this virus we must appeal to our humility…and think of the bigger picture…next Christmas Eve…2022.

If we would just think of what we could have…instead of what we don’t have…we can beat this virus and be together again…and have the freedom without the consequence of infection…and possibly death, by following protocols and protecting our families, friends and neighbors…and those we come into daily contact with, by doing what we know is necessary to bring this virus under control.

No one is giving up their rights as they believe…If we cannot control ourselves to do what is necessary to control COVID, everyone needs to start getting use to the idea that the ability to be with those we love will never come without consequences…and the lack of consideration will also touch and take the lives of those that may be…and have been condemned by those shouting the loudest about their rights being taken away while demonstrating disregard and defiance of protocols…that if practiced, would save thousands and thousands of lives.

I remember when vaccination verification such as smallpox, had to be shown before children could start school…I don’t remember many people objecting then…It assured the safety of children everywhere, attending public and private schools….

Ironically, although smallpox was eliminated in North America in 1952, and Europe in 1953, the World Health Organization began a plan in 1959 to eradicate smallpox from the world, and met with the same challenges then with lack of funds, personnel and commitment from countries, and shortages of vaccine donations… This is not the type of consistency which should be practiced in humankind moving forward…

We must step out of the confines of the Past…and move with expediency into the progress of Today…

If Christ chose to be defiant…shout about his rights or practiced being self-absorbed and thinking only of himself…would we be observing Christmas? Or any other holidays associated with the life and death of Christ? He sacrificed his life for humankind….Humans can’t even sacrifice wearing a mask…to save the life of another…let alone, themselves….

How important is life really…to humankind??? If we were to measure that question by behavior and what we have witnessed, and continue to witness surrounding COVID and protocols…our answer is already reflected in the number of lives lost to this continuing pandemic. Whose rights have really been taken away and lost?

What is being lost now is time…time which cannot be replaced…Time which will never come again. Time which could and would have been used with family and friends…if protocols were practiced by everyone…it could have been here and now…in 2021.

It is we…right here…right now…who hold lives in the palm of our hands…it is our choices which define us and define the fate of those we love and those we have yet to know…We can be foolish with our fates…and if we don’t care about our fates…

We commit even higher travesties and sinfulness by blatantly condemning others to our foolishness…and their rights to life.

The difference is ours to make…

Will Christmas Eve 2021 give rise to Christmas Eve 2022…which began with Christmas Eve 2020?

As we have witnessed…free-will is a double-edged sword…Selfless…or Selfish….

Christmas Eve…2021…

Remember it…if you are satisfied…keep it going…if freedom is what you seek for Christmas Eve 2022…make it happen now…know what must be done…and do it with heart and soul.

We make the choices…and our choices define us and the moment.

May your hearts be light…

With the coronavirus soon…to be out of sight.

Christmas Eve Blessings to all….

The Monotony of Madness…

Here we are…the 11th month of the year…one month away from the close of another twelve months. Where are we? Step away from your life for one moment and ponder the thought, “Where are we?” How far has America progressed in the course of this year? Have we made any strides toward unifying the ocean of divide that runs through the cracks, fissures and gorges left behind by those sworn to rebuild and revitalize a country still riddled by the monotony of madness they created and continue to cultivate?

It is crucial that our structure of government and politicians past and present be carefully and meticulously scrutinized and held to accountability…unless their monotony of madness has become the American way of life, and living marginally is acceptable!

Late night hosts make jokes…

People are caught up in rebellion and protests about their “rights”…while Covid continues to find them…and lay “their rights” to rest…permanently.

The surge of weather changes which people in denial continue to relay as “normal changes which occur every 100 years” are swept away by floods, waves, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other dire demonstrations of nature…caused by man’s interference…resulting in climate change…which is well on it’s way to restructuring the planet…and human life.

Where does that leave us?

Stuck…in the Monotony of Madness….

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June 2023
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