Come In, November…

As we end the month of October on a note of “Trick or Treat,” let us hope that November, beginning on the celebration of “All Saints Day, will bring in an air of promise and truth that will encourage a return to “human” kindness…Prayers…Blessings…and Offerings….not only to those souls that have passed on but also to those living souls who remain.

I attended a Halloween celebration where it was declared that everyone present was fully vaccinated…My mask was a part of my costume…I don’t trust what people declare…We had four years of people declaring lies as truth…and those same people are still traveling around America pushing the same lies!

Anyway, one person showed up without a mask, defending their UN-vaccinated presence, and their opinion on masks…Well, my opinion is this: STAY HOME WITH YOUR OPINIONS!!!

There is always “One.”

Spare those of us who have consideration for others as well as ourselves. You can honor your rights without including those who have the same right to their opinions and their rights to exercise them as you do.

We are still being plagued by the same divisions in our population with people rebelling and striking out in selfish defense of “their rights” without considering the rights of others….

It is unfortunate that we don’t understand our “connectivity” to one another…how what we do…say…and react, has a like reaction…and most often…opposite consequences for those who are respectful and considerate of others…innocent, collateral damage to “selfishness.”

Here’s the bottom line….”Be who you are…as long as it doesn’t adversely affect the lives of others. Ponder it…understand it…get it, and practice it. To subject others to your point of view may have dangerous consequences…and should that be the case? Keep your freedom, and keep to yourself, until the “coast is clear.”

Human nature is still predictable and disheartening at how we continue to ignore and dismiss the bigger picture….

Let’s see if November can usher in some “saintliness” within our spirits…enough to give us a respect and selflessness to give humanity a chance to survive beyond the next few decades…at minimum…

Happy Halloween!

Come in, November….

Bring us some… Enlightenment…

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