Blessed Are The Hearts…

“Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.”

I wonder what Albert Camus was going through when he made this wonderful observation that is now a quote credited to him…

It is most applicable in these most dire times of our day to day living…

We must learn to teach our hearts to bend with the trials and tribulations that confront us from moment to moment, daily…or we will find ourselves overcome with the trauma of our hearts being broken…at every turn…and unless we know how to bend…we will surely perish under the onslaught…

In order to find the light at the end of tumultuous tunnels…we must become the light.

We must learn to see all sides of every situation…and choose to do what is best not only for ourselves…but for the good of others as well.

We must understand what breaks hearts…and not be a contributor in causing heartbreak for others, as well as ourselves.

In learning to bend our hearts to avoid heartbreak, we can also help others in learning to bend…It isn’t love that breaks hearts…it’s people…

Love is the great teacher…that helps us to bend…

In order to receive it we must open our hearts…

How do we understand love?

We graciously and unconditionally accept it…

And gift it to others…by sharing it…even in our darkest of times…because Love Is…and always will be…Humanity’s saving grace.

Blessed are the hearts that can bend…they shall never be broken…

For these are the hearts that have accepted the healing…bending…

And regenerative…Power of Love….

Today in America…and the world over…We need hearts to bend.

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