Can We Fix Us?

Nature has a way of finding balance when something is not instep with her creation…

Almost every living thing has a way of correcting its anomalies…except for humanity…Humans would rather control and destroy than adjust and balance…and seek harmony in support of preserving resources and coming up with safe and viable alternatives to depletion and sucking the life out of our planet which sustains and supports life without conditions.

We exploit this gift of sustained life by ignorance…greed…and denial…

Now every ignorance, act of greed and gain, and denial of the consequences of guardianship of Earth… have come to collect…balance…and even the score. These callous and egregious acts of humankind visited upon the planet…and one another in war and non-support of those in less developed countries have unleashed forces that are now out of human control as well as being too late to repair what has been damaged.

People continue to believe that they can beat Covid-19 with and without vaccines…without masks…social distancing and ignorance and denial of common sense and logic…which will wipe out half the population of the planet if these attitudes and foolish flaunting continue in their present manner.

Life on this planet was given the choice of continuing forward in the evolution of life for another geological age…or face extinction.

Governments are failing…Climate change is demonstrating its human-altered existence…and destruction capabilities…a pandemic is quickly taking the shape of the next human-cleansing plague…

Can We Fix Us?

Do we want to fix us?

Do we want to fix human mistakes to preserve and save the planet…Our life force?

Do we care enough to fix us???

Maybe we need more heatwaves, floods and earthquakes…More countries ravaged by war, displacing and claiming the lives of innocent men, women and children…

Maybe we need more corrupt and non-functioning government entities and self-serving politicians…maybe we need more insurrections…misinformed and cult controlled citizens…and election promises that never materialize…for instance, $50,000 in student loan forgiveness by President Biden…or total student loan forgiveness to give our country’s economy a real boost and people the opportunity to have a piece of American Pie…

Maybe we need another albatross around our necks to rise up and toss “tea into harbors” around the country in protest of “taxation without representation”…especially people of color…

Maybe we need to question our humanity…and have #MeToo accountability in every aspect of man’s inhumanity to every man, woman and child…who just want to live a peaceful, happy life without targeted cruelty…disrespect and hatred…

Can… We… Fix… Us?

Tune in…bring your popcorn…your compassion…your humanity…

And if there’s a crowd…and you’re indoors…

Maybe…just maybe…A Mask?

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