June In…June Out…

June In…

Brought many realizations of what still plagues humanity and how we must continually work on bringing about change in the direction of History and our relationships to other human beings….

The Tulsa Massacre happened one hundred years ago, in 1921…and brought to light numerous other massacres of Black communities in the past…Chicago 1919…Springfield 1908…East St. Louis 1917…Vicksburg 1874…Slocum 1910…Colfax 1873…Opelousas 1868…Thibadaux 1887…Elaine 1919…Clinton 1875…Rosewood 1923…St. Bernard Parish 1868…New Orleans 1866…Memphis 1866…Atlanta 1906…Detroit 1943…New York 1863…Washington DC 1919…Philadelphia 1985…Wilmington 1898…Charleston 2015…Eufaula 1874…Camila 1868…Ocoee 1920…and the Fort Pillow Massacre on April 12, 1864 by Confederate troops.

Being a “silent witness” is as damaging as committing the crimes… Ask yourself this question…If you were the recipient of an atrocity being committed and someone stood by and watched…or knew the perpetrator(s) or witnessed the acts of the perpetrator(s), would it be alright with you if they did nothing with this knowledge that could hold those accountable for their horrific actions?

The Past cannot and will not stay buried when injustices are committed and lives are wiped out and the consequences of taking those lives affects the lives of their generational families for the rest of their lives…robbing many of generational wealth and land…in businesses destroyed and land taken in these massacres…“Reparations” can never measure up to what was lost…however, Restitution must be in order in any and every form in accountability and righting the wrongs that continue into these moments in time… These are stains on the soul of this nation that can never be erased…sins that can only be forgiven by heartfelt and demonstrated Acts of Contrition… Telling Americans of African heritage to “get over it” is like asking Americans of Jewish heritage to “get over the Holocaust.” How can you ask someone to “get over” massacres of their family and loved ones? How can one ask someone to erase these horrors and traumas from their minds and person? How can anyone live in denial of atrocities that treat specific human beings as if they were less than the dirt beneath their feet? Let us not forget that “soil” is dirt…and it yields the food that nourishes and keeps all life on this planet…alive.

June In…brought in a realization that Juneteenth was celebrated by Ikea by presenting a celebratory meal of Fried Chicken, Watermelon, Mac N Cheese, Potato Salad, Collard Greens and Candied Yams…all stereotypical, perceived foods eaten by African American people…Entertaining ignorance instead of researching authenticity and the history of the occasion and the vast cuisine which extends itself across the spectrum of African heritage existing, but not limited to, the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and other countries around the globe… These mindsets continue to limit and marginalize the true expansion and influence of African ancestry and its contributions to American life.

June In…brought in the very stark realization that as a people, we are still in chaos over old issues that will continue to plague our society and the world…if we continue to walk in ignorance…and not in truth. Our disappointments and sins will continue to grow and follow us from century to century if we do not confront them and face them with a heart bent on rectification and alleviation of that which creates the injustices and inequalities still present and functioning throughout our nation…as a perceived “life blood” of preservation…when it is the very poison that may well consume and destroy the dream of America…

June Out…brings another month to build and rebuild upon the dream of America…To consciously put in the work….become a viable part of the Reconstruction of a nation that holds more promise in demonstrated change than hope…more love than hate…and more union than disunion and division.

June Out… brings July and Independence Day…

Our Independence should begin with the removal of the shackles we allow to bind our spirits and our abilities to herald in changes that will grant freedom from self-imposed prisons of self creation when we choose not to challenge archaic mindsets and constituents which work to keep the chains tightening around our necks…instead of accepting the changes which will serve and uplift us into becoming “The Land of the Free.”

Freedom isn’t elusive…

Independence…is Freedom.

“June out”…..

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    Thank you ever so for you blog article.Really thank you! Want more.



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