Tomorrow Is Today…and Everyday Hereafter…

Tomorrow Is Today…and Everyday Hereafter…

Thoughts on Juneteenth were going to be held until the following day…and thoughts and reflections continued on to the next day…and the next, which is today…however, the thoughts and reflections continue…

Juneteenth…Emancipation of enslaved African Americans…

The biggest problem with holidays are they are “celebrated” for one day and then they disappear into oblivion…until the next year.  The events that constitute the creation of holidays in the first place should never be forgotten…ever! Whatever wrongs were committed should always be in the forefront of every celebrant’s mind…thoughts…words…and deeds as not to repeat the travesties and horrific events of history ever again…We cannot become better as human beings or humanity if we do not constantly work on eliminating the worst of ourselves in how we relate to one another and the life around us.

It has been only 156 years since the Emancipation Proclamation of 1865…The Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment cannot erase over 400 years of Slavery here in the United States, or the inhumanity visited upon those enslaved or their ancestors who continue to be treated with great atrocities to this day, inclusive of murders, lynching, inequality of economic prosperity, the destroying of communities and generational economic wealth, in dollars and land, also in theft and outright taking it away without accountability or protection from the government…Massacre after massacre…after massacre continually committed against Americans of African ancestry…always excusing such horrific behaviors away with “White Privilege” which is nothing more than evil with a free pass encompassed by fear possessed inferiority, and it extends itself to anyone perceived as a threat that does not look like the “norm of acceptability.”

It is not “color” that dictates the viability and superiority of any person… Superiority is a tool that is used to deflect inferiority…Those who possess souls do not wish to destroy life…or oppress the lives of others…to do so is to destroy and oppress the life which is their own…

Accountability to right horrific wrongs is generational…Racism is ended or continued with each successive generation…What is committed by one generation can be ended and made right by the next…instead of passing it off as not an offense created by the incoming generation…it continues to be an offense on each new generation…until someone stands up to realize that to keep putting the worst foot forward in denial continues to poison the well and stagnate any progress of humanity’s progression beyond the fate of the Dinosaurs….

Tomorrow is today…and everyday hereafter…

Bringing the complexities of Racism into the light of day will continue everyday hereafter because it is long past time to right the wrongs of this country’s “Original Sin.”

Thoughts will continue on Juneteenth and the aftermath of what continues to emerge as consequences to holding onto and practicing Racism here in America.

The politics of this country are not only entrenched in retaining economic power…they are fueled by Racism and exclusivity…and it is choking the life out of America…

Tomorrow is Today…and everyday hereafter deprives us of longevity…because of the refusal to let Freedom ring….  

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    Jul 04, 2021 @ 16:16:40

    Fantastic article post.Much thanks again. Awesome.



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