The Republicans On The Hill…Must Go…

It is time to realize that the present Republicans on the Hill are doing nothing more than condemning those who put them there to hard times and continued Republican propaganda.

It is clearly an affront to people everywhere to constantly listen to their unfounded rhetoric against Democrats, or “The Left” or Progressives…It isn’t a crime to help Americans get back on their feet during this pandemic…it isn’t a crime trying to bring back the principles and values so corrupted by those of the Republican Party; that uphold democracy and the ideals of America…to be enjoyed by every American citizen!

Stonewalling in the Senate and the House by Republicans is against everything that America stands for… Putting the American people in the midst of their “war” on those on the other side of the aisle is unconstitutional and a tactic to keep our country divided and at war with each other…for no reason. How difficult must it be to just want to live? Yet, we are being pulled into the treachery and underhandedness of a Party that does not honor America or what she stands for…They have shown their hand so many times…and it is not for the benefit of this country or its people! Wake up! Stop being bamboozled into madness which is designed to rob you of your liberties and freedoms…your dreams and your comforts…and your peace.

The Republicans have placed their agenda above and beyond the people constituency that support them and cast their votes for them. Whatever integrity the Republican party once had is long, long gone…and has been for decades, and came to light for all to see, with the rise of Trump. Power is a dangerous, lethal weapon in the hands of those who are soulless, without conscience and put themselves first….as was demonstrated by the GOP in the last four years.

Our tax dollars have been going into pockets that aren’t ours for years, including politicians! Yes, your tax dollars are making other people, namely politicians, wealthy…your interest on your student loans…are making many of those politicians wealthy….yet, they don’t want to give tax breaks to the working class, because that would mean fat cats and corporations would have to start paying what they haven’t been, in taxes, for decades! These are the entities and people Republican politicians are paid to protect…not the everyday Joes and Janes who are the real supporters of this country! Wake up!!!

Stop being caught up in “divisive politics.” Stop supporting those who are using you as a smoke screen to further their agenda… you will never be invited to sit at their table unless you can be used…Stop being used…Respect yourself. Take time to really examine and see what is going on before your very eyes.

Wake up and research your politicians…

Republicans on the Hill must go.

Give yourselves and your children the gift of a better life and future…

Good people of America…Follow your hearts and your minds…Only the Truth will set you free…

We are not “Party fodder”…We are people…We are Americans…

Tell McConnell and his crew to stop stonewalling…and come to the aid of their constituency…instead of condemning them to poverty, lies and endless propaganda…it’s “UN American,” divisive and stagnating the growth and progress of America.

Time to show these archaic Republicans the door….

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