May Day…

May Day…A celebration of Spring…

At a casino near Green Bay, Wisconsin today…on May Day…there were multiple people shot…

While America is working to control a pandemic…shootings are fast becoming a daily epidemic. Covid-19 has taken so many from so many families…and it is still ongoing…and yet day in and day out those walking among us…some wearing “to protect and serve uniforms” are sending a message of life deprivation and death with their own lethal branding…pulling out guns and snuffing out life.

So much for a celebration of Spring…or celebrating anything for that matter…

It is long past standing up to address gun control and police reform. We cannot put off or sleep on these issues any longer…these acts of violence will only continue and grow in severity until they land on the doorstep of those who can initiate and bring about change in recognizing the value of all human lives…and the urgency of gun control…

Providence is reaching out and speaking out to humanity…listen and take heed.

Covid-19…the many public executions of people of color…multiple and mass shootings in schools…malls…movie theaters…work places…churches…concerts…wherever there is life going on about its business…there are those looking to take it away because we are not paying attention or taking warnings seriously enough when they are given.

Five months into 2021…and we are still faced with confronting the same issues.

Don’t you think its time here in America to righteously care about celebrating life…by protecting it?

We have the tools and the voice…don’t let tragedy land on your doorstep before doing something about it…No one is safe…if you believe you are…then you believe that tomorrow is promised to you….

Celebrate life…be an instrument of reform…

Spring has sprung…a time of renewed hope after a bleak, cold winter…


Time to answer the call…..

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