It Never Gets Any Easier…

Some days are better than others…

It never gets any easier…

On March 17, 2016, my mom passed away…Today is March 17, 2021…five years to the day. I spent March 16th, 2016 with my mother under the unfortunate circumstances of family members who would not let her live out her last years in peace…to her dying day.

The peaceful moments we shared together in the last years of her life…were priceless!

While I miss her terribly…and long to spend time with her…and hold telephone conversations with her…go to movie matinees with her…hear her laughter and sit down to dinner with her…I wonder if God’s timing wasn’t the best thing that happened to her…in calling her home when he did…

She left in the year of President Obama’s last term…She had the opportunity to see the first Black American family in the White House…

She was spared the blatant rise of Racism here in America against men and women of color; which would have only perpetuated the memory of her own son, my brother, a victim to police murder while visiting relatives in Louisiana in January, 1979…He was 24…unarmed…non-threatening…minding his own business…He was killed for being Black….

Mom would tell me stories about her life growing up in Oklahoma…and the racism and prejudice she endured for being Black…

Mom was spared the lawlessness and White Privilege of the Trump years…and the aftermath of collateral damage to American citizens…left to pick up the pieces of their shattered and broken dreams…and lives…forever altered by a pandemic denied and ignored by Trump and his Trumpist GOP constituency, spinning out of control lies… while fueling divisive propaganda that left American Democracy hanging by a thread, accented by an insurrection which resulted in lives lost, and the Capitol Building being desecrated…

Mom was 83 years when she made her passage to Glory…Had she stayed, she would have been coming upon 89 years…She may not have survived this pandemic with her underlying health issues…Blessings come in many disguises…even if we may not see them that way.

There are days when I awake and think, “I wish I could talk to mom about this…”

I miss her wisdom…her unsolicited advice and opinions…which always seem to be right on time…when you wish they weren’t! I miss our talks…I miss her cooking…I miss all the church socials she would buy me tickets to attend…without asking if I had any plans for those days…of course, I attended with her… I miss the way she extended her love to everyone without question…she always wanted people to be happy and enjoy themselves…I miss how she went out of her way to take care of others…without expectation of anything in return… I miss her smile…her tenderness…her love…

March 17th will always be more than Saint Patrick’s Day to me…

The Luck of the Irish brings home the life and love of my mom…in recognition of a life which will be forever celebrated…in grand old Irish style…and with grand memories in my heart…A picture book I will always have access to enter and view…

Happy celebration of life, mom…

If your mom is still with you in life…show her some love and appreciation…Every moment of every day…

One day her “celebration of life” will be on your doorstep…

Make every second count!

Make love count…

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all….

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